Medicines in USA

SubstanceBrand NameRoutePharmaceutical Dosage FormDosageDrug ClassMore Info/Label
Abacavir (ABC)ZIAGEN, EPZICONPO300mg tablet; 20mg/mL solution.300mg q12 or 600mg once a day.Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Abacavir / Lamivudine / ZidovudineTRIZIVIRPO300+150+300mg tablet.1 tablet q12.Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
AbataceptORENCIAIV, SC250mg/vial; 125mg syringe.Less than 60kg: 500mg.
60 to 100kg: 750mg.
More than 100kg: 1000mg.
The injection should be repetead every 4 weeks, except the first two ones ( weeks interval).
T cell inhibitor, DMARDClick to see
AbciximabREOPROIV2mg/mL (5mL).PCI: IV: 0.25 mg/kg bolus administered 10-60 minutes prior to start of PCI followed by an infusion of 0.125 mcg/kg/minute (maximum: 10 mcg/minute) for 12 hours.
UA/NSTEMI unresponsive to conventional therapy with planned PCI within 24 hours: IV: 0.25 mg/kg bolus followed by an 18- to 24-hour infusion of 10 mcg/minute, concluding 1 hour after PCI.
Immunobiologic, Gp IIb/IIIa inhibitorClick to see
AcarbosePRECOSEPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25mg to 100mg q8hr (at meals). Oral hypoglycemic agent, Alpha-glucosidase inhibitorClick to see
AcebrophyllineNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------XanthineNo
AcebutololSECTRALPO200 or 400mg capsules.400mg to 800/day (/q12h).Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
AcetaminophenTYLENOLPO325 or 500mg tablet; 325, 500 or 650 caplet, 500mg capsule, 650 extended-release caplet, 80 or 160mg oral-disintegrating tablet; 80mg/0.8mL oral drogs; 160mg/5mL oral syrup.325 to 650 q6hr.AnalgesicClick to see
Acetaminophen / PseudoephedrineALLEREST ALLERGY AND SINUS RELIEF, TYLENOL COLD DAYTIME, TYLENOL SINUS DAYTIME, OTHERSPO325mg/30mg or 500mg/30mg caplets.325 to 500mg/30mg q6hr.Analgesic, DecongestantClick to see
AcetazolamideDIAMOX, SEQUELSPO, IVPO: 125 or 250mg tablets; 500mg ER capsules.
IV: 500mg powder.
Closed-angle acute glaucoma: 500mg followed by 125-250mg q4hr.
Acute Altitude Sickness: 500-1000mg/day PO q8-12hr.
CHF edema: 250-375mg qAM.
Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
AcetylcysteineN-ACETYLCYSTEINE, MUCOMIST = (forms for nebulization); ACETADOTE, CETYLEVE = (forms for antidote)PO, IV, ININ: 10 ou 20% solution.
PO: 500mg or 2.5g effervescent tablets for oral solution.
IV: 200mg/mL (20% solution).
Expectoration: 5-10mL nebulization q6-8hr.
Contrast Associated Nephrotoxicity (Off-label): 600mg PO q12hr 2 days before and after contrast.
Acetaminophen Overdose: Loading dose of 140mg/kg in 1hr, followed by 50mg/kg over 4hrs and by a 3rd dose of 100mg/kg over 16hrs.
Mucolytic, Antioxidant, Acetaminophen antidoteClick to see
Acetylsalicylic AcidASPIRINPO81, 325 or 500mg tablets; 162, 325 or 500mg delayed release tablets; 75 or 81mg chewable tablets; 81, 162, 325 or 650mg enteric-coated tablets; 227mg chewing gum; 162.5mg extended release capsule.Pain & Fever: 325 & 650mg q4 to 6h.
Acute Coronary Syndrome: 160 to 325mg.
Cardiovascular prevention: 75 to 81mg once a day.
Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Platelet antiaggregantClick to see
AcyclovirZOVIRAXPO, IVPO: 400 or 800mg tablet; 200mg capsule; 200mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV: 50mg/mL solution or 500mg or 1g vial powder for injection.
Herpes simplex: 400mg q4hr for 7 days.
Herpes Zoster: 800mg q4hr for 7-10days.
Herpes Encephalitis: 10-15mg/kg q8hr for 10 to 21 days.
AntiviralClick to see
AdalimumabHUMIRASCHumira Pen: 40 mg/0.8 mL; Prefilled Syringe Kit 10 mg/0.2 mL, 20mg/0.4mL or 40mg/0.8mLRA, Ankylosing spondylitis, Psoriatic arthritis: 40mg every other week
IBD: 160 mg (given as four 40 mg injections on day 1 or given as two 40 mg injections per day over 2 consecutive days), then 80 mg 2 weeks later (day 15). Maintenance: 40 mg every other week beginning day 29.
Immunobiologic, TNF inhibitor, DMARDClick to see
AdefovirHEPSERAPO10mg tablet.10mg qDay.Nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
AdenosineADENOCARD, ADENOSCANIV3mg/mL solution.Adenocard: 6 mg IV over 1-3 seconds (maybe given IO) followed by 20 mL flush of NS, if no conversion within 1-2 minutes give 12 mg IV, repeat a second time if necessary (30 mg total).AntiarrhythmicClick to see
AlbendazoleALBENZAPO200mg tablets.800 mg/day in 2 divided doses (duration depends of the parasite)AntiparasiticClick to see
Albuterol (Salbutamol)PROVENTIL HFA, VENTOLIN HFA, PROAIR HFA, PROAIR RESPICLICK, ACCUNEBPO, INPO: 2 or 4mg tablets; 4 or 8mg ER tablets; 2mg/5mL syrup.
IN: 90mcg (base)/actuation aerosol metered-dose inhaler; 0.083%, 0.5%, 1.25mg/3mL or 0.63mg/3mL nebulizer solution.
1.25-2.5mg nebulizer solution for quick bronchospasm relief PRN or BID/TID.Bronchodilator, Beta-2 agonistClick to see
AlendronateFOSAMAXPO5, 10, 35, 40 or 70mg tablets; 70mg/75mL solution.10mg qDay OR 70mg once a week.BisphosphonateClick to see
AlirocumabPRALUENT PEN, PRALUENT SYRINGESC75mg/mL or 150mg/mL pen or syringe. 75 to 150mg every 2 weeks.Hypolipidemic, Monoclonal antibody, PCSK9 inhibitorClick to see
AliskirenTEKTURNAPO150 or 300mg tablets.150 to 300mg once a day.Antihypertensive, Renin inhibitorClick to see
AlprazolamXANAX, NIRAVAMPO0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg or 2mg tablets; 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg or 3mg extended-release tablets; 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg or 2mg orally disintegrating tablets; 1mg/mL oral solution0.25 to 0.5mg q6-8hr (max: 4mg/day)
Extended-release: 0.5-1mg qDay.
Benzodiazepine, Anxiolytic, Sedative, HypnoticClick to see
AlteplaseACTIVASE, CATHFLO ACTIVASEIV50mg or 100mg powder for inbjection; 2mg powder for injection (CATHFLO ACTIVASE)STE-MI: Patients >67kg: 15mg IV bolus followed by 50mg IV over 30 minutes then 35mg over 1h.
Patients <= 67kg: 15mg IV bolus followed by 0.75mg/kg (max: 50mg) over 30 minutes then 0.5mg/kg over 1h.

Unstable PE: 10mg bolus followed by 90mg over 2h.

Acute Ischemic Stroke: 0.9mg/kg (max: 90mg total dose). Administer 10% as bolus in 1 minute, followed by the remainder infused over 60 minutes.
FibrinolyticClick to see
Aluminum hydroxide/Magnesium hydroxideMAALOXPO(500mg/500mg)/5mL oral suspension; (200mg/200mg)/5mL oral liquid.10-20mL PO between meals.AntacidClick to see
AmantadineENDANTADINE, SYMMETRELPO100mg tablet; 50mg/5mL syrupExtrapyramidal Symptoms: 100mg q12hr.Antiviral, AntiparkinsonClick to see
AmikacinAMIKINIV, IM50mg/mL; 250mg/mL.15 mg/kg/day divided IV/IM q8-12hrAntibiotic, AminoglycosideClick to see
Amiloride / HydrochlorothiazideMODURETICPO5mg/50mg tablet.qDay.Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
AminophyllineGENERIC ONLYPO, IVIV: 25mg/mL vial.
PO: 105mg/5mL solution.
PO: 100 to 200mg q8h to q12h.
IV infusion: 4.6mg/kg loading dose followed by 0.8mg/kg/h.
XanthineClick to see
AmiodaroneCORDARONE, NEXTERONE, PACERONEPO, IV50mg/mL injectable solution; 150mg/100mL (Nexterone) or 360mg/200mL (Nexterone) injectable solution; 100mg, 200mg or 400mg tablets.Ventricular Arrhythmias:
PO Load: 800-1600 mg PO qDay for 1-3 weeks until response; once adequate arrhythmia control achieved, reduce dose to 600-800 mg/day for 1 mo; THEN reduce to maintenance dose
Maintenance dose: 400 mg PO qDay
IV: 150 mg over first 10 min (15mg/min), followed by 360 mg over next 6 hr (1 mg/min), THEN 540 mg over remaining 18 hr (0.5 mg/min), for a total of 1000 mg over 24 hr before administering maintenance infusion
Maintenance: 0.5 mg/min for a total 720 mg/24hr at a concentration of 1-6 mg/mL (360 mg/200mL), or 1.8 mg/mL Nexterone at rate of 278 mL/min
Duration of therapy: May continue to administer 0.5 mg/min for 2-3 weeks regardless of patient's age, renal function or ventricular function.

ACLS, Pulseless Ventricular Fibrillation/Ventricular Tachycardia:
300mg IV or IO, followed by 150mg IV 13-5min.
Antiarrhythmic - Class IIIClick to see
AmitriptylineVANATRIP, ELAVIL, ENDEPPO10, 25 or 50mg tablets.75 to 150mg/day divided in doses.Tricyclic antidepressantClick to see
AmlodipineNORVASCPO2.5, 5 or 10mg tablets.5 to 10mg/day.Antihypertensive, Dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerClick to see
Amlodipine / ValsartanEXFORGEPO5mg/160mg, 5mg/320mg, 10mg/160mg, 10mg/320mgStart with low dose, qDay.Angiotensin Receptor Blocker, Calcium Channel BlockerClick to see
Amoxacilin / ClavulonateAUGMENTIN, AUGMENTIN XR, AUGMENTIN ES-600PO250/125, 500/125 or 875/125mg tablets; 1000mg/62.5mg ER tablets; 200/28.5mg or 400/57mg tablets; 125/31.25, 200/28.5, 250/62.5, 400/57 or 600/42.9mg/5mL oral suspension.250 to 500/125mg q8hr OR 875/125mg q12hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactamClick to see
AmoxicilinAMOXIL, MOXATAG, TRIMOXPOoral solution






tablet, chewable


extended-release (Moxatag)

500 mg PO q8hrAntibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
Amphetamine/DextroamphetamineADDERALLPO2.5/2.5, 5/5, 7.5/7.5, 10/10 or 15mg/15mg tablets or extended release capsules.5 to 60mg qDay (may be in divided doses).StimulantClick to see
Amphotericin BFUNGIZONE (deoxycholate); AMPHOTEC (cholesteryl sulfate); AMBISOME (liposomal)IV50mg/vial (deoxycholate or liposomal); 50 or 100mg/vial (cholesteryl sulfate).Deoxycholate: Test dose: 1mg over 20-30min. Load: 0.25 to 0.5mg/kg IV over 2-6hr, after that maintenance 0.25 to 1mg/kg/Day.
Liposomal: 3-6mg qDay.
Cholesteryl sulfate: 3-4mg/kg/Day.
AntifungalClick to see
AmpicillinAMPI, OMNIPEN, PENGLOBE, PRINCIPENIV, IM, PO250 or 500mg capsules; 125mg/5mL or 250mg/5mL oral suspension; 125, 250, 500mg, 1g, 2g or 10g powder for injection.250mg to 2g q6hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactamClick to see
Ampicillin / SulbactamUNASYNIV, IM1.5g (1g+0.5g) or 3g (2g+1g) injectable solution; 15g (10g+5g) powder for solution.1.5 to 3g q6hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
AnastrazoleARIMIDEXPO1mg tablet.1mg qDay.Aromatase inhibitorClick to see
ApixabanELIQUISPO2,5 or 5mg tablets.Stroke prophylaxis w/ Atrial fibrillation: 5mg PO BID.
DVT/PE treatment: 10mg BID for 7 days, then 5mg BID.
AnticoagulantClick to see
ApremilastOTEZLAPO10, 20 or 30mg tablets.Day 1: 10 mg in AM;
Day 2: 10 mg AM and PM;
Day 3: 10 mg AM and 20 mg PM;
Day 4: 20 mg AM and PM;
Day 5: 20 mg AM and 30 mg PM;
Day 6 and thereafter: 30 mg PO BID.
PDE4 inhibitorClick to see
ArgatrobanACOVA------------------100mg/mL injectable solution; 50mg/50mL or 125mg/125mL ready-to-use injectable (plus NaCl).For thrombosis: 2mcg/kg/h continuous IV infusion over 1-3 hours until aPTT is 1.5-3 times. Max 10mcg/kg/min.AnticoagulantClick to see
AripripazoleABILIFY, ARISTADAPO, IM2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30mg tablets; 300 or 400mg/vial syringe (ABILIFY MAINTENA); 441, 662 or 882mg syringe (ARISTADA)
PO: 10-15 mg/day PO initially; may be increased to 30 mg/day PO after 2 weeks .
IM: 400 to 800mg every 4 to 6 weeks.
Antipsychotic, Partial D2 agonistClick to see
Artesunate----IV, IM60mg/vialP. falciparum malaria especially in quinidine-resistant patients

CDC: 2.4 mg/kg IV x4 doses over 3 days

WHO: 2.4 mg/kg IV/IM at 0, 12 hours, 24 hours, THEN qDay
Antiparasitic, AntimalarialClick to see
Atazanavir (ATV)REYATAZPO100, 150, 200 or 300mg capsule.300mg + 100mg ritonavir qDay OR
400mg qDay.
Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
AtenololTENORMINPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25 to 200mg/day (/q12h).Antihypertensive, Anxiolytic, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
AtorvastatinLIPITORPO10, 20, 40 or 80mg tablets.10 to 80mg once a day.Hypolipidemic, StatinClick to see
AtracuriumTRACRIUMIV10mg/mLIntubation: 0.4 to 0.5mg/kg over 60 seconds, then 0.08 to 0.1mg/kg 20-45 minutes after initial dose, repeated 15-25min
continuous infusion 0.005 to 0.01mg/kg/min IV.
Non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockerClick to see
AzathioprineIMURAN, AZASANPO, IV50, 75 or 100mg tablet; 100mg/vial.RA: 1mg/kg/day
Initial dose: 3 to 5mg/kg IV or PO once a day.
Maintenance: 1 to 3mg/kg IV or PO once a day.
Immunosuppressant, DMARDClick to see
AzithromycinZITROMAX, ZMAXIV, PO250, 500 or 600mg tablets; 500mg or 2.5g powder for solution; 100mg/5mL or 200mg/5mL suspension; 1g packet.250-500mg qDay.Antibiotic, MacrolideClick to see
AztreonamAZACTAMIV, IN1 or 2g powder for injection; 75mg inhalation solution.0.5 to 2g IV/IM q6-8hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactamClick to see
INTRATHECAL SOLUTION: 50mcg/mL, 500mcg/mL, 1000mcg/mL or 2000mcg/mL.
PO: 5mg q8h, maximum of 80mg/day.
INTRATHECAL: Screening: 50mcg to 100mcg/day, Titration: 2 times screening/24h; Maintenance: 300 to 800mcg/day.
Muscle relaxant, GABA agonistClick to see
BenznidazoleNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------AntiparasiticClick to see
BetamethasoneCELESTONE, CELESTONE SOLUSPAN, BETAJECT, BETAMETHASONEIM, PO, Intra-articular6mg/mL injectable suspension; 0.6mg/5mL oral solution.Endocrine disorders or inflammatory conditions: 0.6-7.2 PO divided BID/QID or 0.6-9mg IM qDay divided BID.
Intra-articular: 0.25mL (small joints) to 2mL (large joints).
Premature labor: 12mg IM q24hr.
Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, ImmunosuppressantClick to see
BevacizumabAVASTINIV25mg/mL injectable solution.5-10mg/kg q2Weeks.Immunobiologic, Angiogenisis inhibitor, VEGF inhibitorClick to see
------------Anticholinergic, AntiparkinsonNo
BisoprololZEBETAPO5 or 10mg tablets.2.5 to 20mg once a day.Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
BivalirudinANGIOMAX, ANGIOXIV250mg powder for injection.Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia: Initial 0.15-0.2mg/kg/hr IV, adjust to aPTT 1.5-2.5 times baseline.

PCI: 0.75mg/kg bolus followed by 1.75mg/kg/hr IV during PCI. May be continued up to 4hr after procedure.
AnticoagulantClick to see
BortezomibVELCADEIV, SC3.5mg/vialMultiple Myeloma: 6-wk treatment cycles for 9 cycles. Cycles 1-4 (twice weekly) - 1.3 mg/m² IV/SC on Days 1, 4, 8, 11, 22, 25, 29, and 32; Cycles 5-9 (once weekly): 1.3 mg/m² IV/SC on Days 1, 8, 22, and 29
Mantle Cell Lymphoma:
1.3 mg/m²/dose IV twice weekly for 2 weeks (days 1, 4, 8, 11) followed by a 10-day rest period (days 12 to 21) for six 3-week cycles; may continue for 8 cycles if response is first seen at cycle 6
Proteasome inhibitorClick to see
BosentanTRACLEERPO62.5 or 125mg tablet.62.5 to 125mg b.i.d.Endothelin antagonistClick to see
BretyliumNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Antiarrhythmic - Class IIIClick to see
Budesonide / FormoterolSYMBICORTIN80+4.5mcg or 160+4.5mcg, 60 or 120 actuations per canister.2 inhalations twice daily (maximum 160+4.5mcg twice daily).Long-acting Beta-2 agonist, CorticosteroidClick to see
BupivacaineMARCAINE, SENSORCAINELocal, Regional, Peridural, Intratecal0.25%, 0.5% or 0.75%Local Anesthesia: 0.25% (Max 175mg).
Caudal block: 15-30mL of 0.25% or 0.5%.
Peripheral nerve block: 5mL or 0.25% or 0.5% (Max 400mg).
Local anesthetic, Sodium channel blockerClick to see
BuprenophineBUPRENEX, BUTRANS, SUBUTEXIV, IM, SL, TDIV/IM: 0.3mg/mL vial.
SL: 2mg or 8mg tablets.
TD:5, 7.5, 10, 15 or 20mcg/hour.
IV/IM: 0.3mg IV q6h.
SL: Day 1 8mg once a day, Day 2 16mg once a day, after that maintenance dose of 4 to 24mg/day.
TD: Individualized. The patch lasts for 7 days.
OpiateClick to see
BupropionWELLBUTRIN, ZYBAN, BUPEDRION SR, APLENZIN, BUPROBAN, WELLBUTRIN SR, WELLBUTRIN XL, FORFIVO XLPO75 to 100mg tablets (Wellbutrin); 100, 150 or 200mg sustained-release tablets; 150 or 300mg ER tablets; 174, 348 or 522mg ER tablets (Aplenzin); 450mg ER tablets (Forfivo XL); 150mg ER tablets (Zyban).Antidepressant: 100mg PO q12hr. May be increased to up to 150mg q8hr after several weeks. For ER or SR forms, qDay.
Smoking cessation: 150mg PO qDay for 3 days, then 150mg q12hrs for 7-12 weeks (may be continued if successful cessation).
Antidepressant, Smoking cessationClick to see
CabergolineDOSTINEXPO0.5mg tablet.0.25 to 1mg twice a week.Dopamine agonistClick to see
Calcium Gluconate(Generic)PO, IVPO: 50, 500 or 650mg tablets; 500mg capsules.
IV: 100mg/mL injectable solution.
Severe hypocalcemia: 0.5mg/kg/hr to 2mg/kg/hr.
Cardiac arrest (if hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia or hypermagnesemia): 1.5 to 3g IV over 2-5 minutes.
Mineral, Tricyclic antidepressant antidote, Magnesium antidoteClick to see
CanagliflozinINVOKANAPO100 or 300mg tablets100 to 300mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, SGLT-2 inhibitor, GlucosuricClick to see
CandesartanATACANDPO4, 8, 16 or 32mg tablets.4 to 32mg qDay.Antihypertensive, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
CaptoprilCAPOTENPO12,5, 25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25 to 50mg, 2 to 3x/day. Max 450mg/day.Antihypertensive, ACE inhibitorClick to see
CarbamazepineTEGRETOL, CARBATROL, EQUETROPO200mg immediate-release tablets; 100mg chewable tablets; 100, 200 or 400mg extended-release tablets; 100, 200 or 300mg extended-release capsules; 100mg/5mL oral suspension.Epilepsy: 800-1200mg/day (divided q6-8hr for IR formulation and q12hr for ER formulation). Max 1600mg/day.AnticonvulsivantClick to see
Carbidopa / LevodopaSINEMET, SINEMET CR, RYTARY, DUOPAPO, ENTERAL10/100, 25/100 or 25/250mg tablets; 25/100 or 50/200mg ER tablets; 23.75/95, 36.25/145, 48.75/195 or 61.25/245 mg ER capsules (RYTARY); 4.63/20 mg/mL enteral suspension (DUOPA).Immediate release: Start with low dose, q6hr to q8hr and increase every 2 days (max carbidopa 200mg/day; max levodopa 800mg/day).Antiparkinson, Dopamine precursorClick to see
Carbonyl IronFEOSOL, ICAR C, ICAR PEDIATRIC, IRCONPO45 or 66mg tablets; 15mg/1.25mL oral suspension; 15mg chewable tablet; 100mg iron + 250mg vitamin C tablet.Dietary suplement: 8mg qDay for man and 18mg qDay for waoman.
Iron deficiency anemia: 300mg PO q12hr.
IronClick to see
CarvedilolCOREG, COREG CRPO3.125, 6.25, 12.5 or 25mg tablets; 10, 20, 40 or 80mg extended release capsules.3.125 mg PO q12hr for 2 weeks, then increased every 2 weeks as tolerated to 6.25 mg, 12.5 mg, or 25 mg PO BID.Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
CaspofunginCANCIDASIV50 or 70mg vials.Loading dose of 70mg over 1h. Maintenance 50mg qDay.AntifungalClick to see
CefaclorCECLOR, RANICLORPO250 or 500mg capsules; 500mg ER tablets.250 to 500mg PO q8hr.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 2nd gen.Click to see
CefadroxilDURICEF, ULTRACEFPO500mg capsule; 250mg/5mL or 500mg/5mL oral suspension; 1g tablets.1 to 2g qDay (divided in 2 doses)Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 1st gen.Click to see
CefazolinKEFZOLIV, IM500mg, 1, 2, 10, 20, 100 or 300g powder for injection.500mg to 2g q8hrs.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 1st gen.Click to see
CefepimeMAXIPIMEIV, IM1 or 2g/50mL infusion solution; 1 or 2g powder for injection.1-2g q8-12hrs.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 4th gen.Click to see
CefotaximeCLAFORANIV, IM20 or 40mg/mL; 500mg, 1g, 2g or 10g powder for injection.1-2g q6-12hr.
Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 3rd gen.Click to see
CefoxitinMEFOXINIV1, 2 or 10g powder for injection.1 to 2g q4 to 8hr.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 2nd gen.Click to see
CeftarolineTEFLAROIV400mg/vial or 600mg/vial.600mg q12hr.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 5th gen.Click to see
CeftazidimeFORTAZ, TAZICEFIV, IM500mg, 1, 2 or 6g powder for injection; 20mg/mL or 40mg/mL injectable solution.2g q8 to 12hrAntibiotic, Cephalosporins 3rd gen.Click to see
CeftriaxoneROCEPHINIV, IM1 or 2g/50mL injectable solution; 250mg, 500mg, 1, 2, 10 or 100g powder for injection.1 to 2g qDay or q12hr.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 3rd gen.Click to see
CefuroximeCEFTIN, ZINACEFIV, IM, PO250 or 500mg tablets; 125mg/5mL or 250mg/5mL oral suspension; 750mg, 1.5, 7.5, 75 or 225g powder for injection.250-750mg q8-12hr.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 2nd gen.Click to see
CelecoxibCELEBREXPO50, 100, 200 or 400mg tablets.200mg q12hr.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)Click to see
CephalexinKEFLEXPOcapsule: 250mg, 500mg or 750mg;
oral suspension: 125mg/5mL or 250mg/5mL;
tablet: 250mg or 500mg
250 to 500mg q6hrs.Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 1st gen.Click to see
------------Antibiotic, Cephalosporins 1st gen.No
ChloramphenicolCHLORAMPHENICOL IV, CHLOROMYCETINIV50mg/kg/day IV divided q6hr50 mg/kg/day IV divided q6hr.AntibioticClick to see
ChlordiazepoxideLIBRIUMPO5, 10 or 25mg capsules.Anxiety: 5-25mg PO q6-8hr.
Acute Alcohol Withdrawal: 50-100mg. May repeat after 2-4hr.
Benzodiazepine, AnxiolyticClick to see
Chlordiazepoxide / AmitriptylineLIMBITROL, LIMBITROL DSPO5mg/12.5mg or 10mg/25mg tablets.Depression with anxiety: 1 tablet three to four times a day.Benzodiazepine, Anxiolytic, Tricyclic antidepressantClick to see
ChloroquineARALEN, CHLOROQUINE PHOSPHATEPO250 or 500mg tablets.Malaria Prevention: 500mg PO once a week.
Non-chloroquine resistant treatment: 1g PO THEN 500mg 8 hours later THEN 500mg at 24h and 48h after 1st dose.
Antiparasitic, AntimalarialClick to see
ChlorpromazineTHORAZINEIM, IV, POPO: 10, 25, 100 or 200mg tablets.
IM/IV: 25mg/mL injectable solution.
Schizophrenia: 30-75mg PO divided q6-12hr (up to 800mg/day).
Intractable hiccups: 25-50mg q6-8hr.
Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
ChlorpropamideDIABINESEPO100 or 250mg tablets.250mg 30 minutes before meals (can increase up to 500 if tolerated).Oral hypoglycemic agent, SulfonylureaClick to see
ChlorthalidoneHYGROTON, THALITONE, CHLORTHALIDPO15, 25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25 to 100mg/day.Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
CholestyraminePREVALITE, QUESTRAN, QUESTRAN LIGHT, LOCHOLESTPO4g resin/5g powder, 4gresin/5.5g powder, 4g resin¹5.7g powder, 4g resin/6.4g powder and 4g resin/9g powder. 4g PO q12-24h (Max 24g/day).Hypolipidemic, Bile acid sequestrantClick to see
Choriogonadotropin alfa (hCG)OVIDREL, NOVAREL, PREGNYLIM, SC250mcg prefilled syringe; 10.000 units/vial powder for reconstitution.Induction of ovulation:
Ovidrel: 250mg SC one day following last dose of FSG.
Other drugs: 5.000-10.000 units 1 day following last dose of menotropins.
HormoneClick to see
CimetidineTAGAMETPO200mg, 300mg, 400mg (Rx), 600mg (Rx) or 800mg (Rx) tablets; 300mg/5mL oral solution; 150mg/mL injectable solution.200 to 400mg q6hr or 800mg q12hr.Antacid, H2 inhibitorClick to see
CiprofibrateNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Hypolipidemic, FibrateNo
CiprofloxacinCIPRO, CIPRO XR, PROQUIN, XRIV, POPO: 100, 250, 500 or 750mg tablets; 500 or 100mg ER tablets; 250mg/5mL or 500mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV: 200mg/100mL, 200mg/20mL, 400mg/40mL or 400mg/200mL.
500mg q12hr.Antibiotic, QuinoloneClick to see
CisatracuriumNIMBEXIV2mg/mL or 10mg/mL injectable solution.Intubating dose: 0.15-0.2mg/kg IV
Maintenance: 0.03mg/kg IV. After 50-60 minutes more 0.15-0.2mg/kg.
IV continuous infusion: 3mcg/kg/min post-bolus THEN 1-2mcg/kg/min maintenance. Reduce by 30-40% when using isoflurane or enflurane.
Non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockerClick to see
CisplatinPLATINOL, PLASTINEIV1mg/mL, 50 or 100mL vial.Depends on the cancer. For off label cancers 100 mg/m² IV q4Weeks as single agent.AntineoplasticClick to see
CitalopramCELEXAPO10, 20 or 40mg tablets; 10mg/5mL oral solution.20mg PO qDay (Max 40mg qDay).Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)Click to see
ClarithromycinBIAXIN, BIAXIN XLPO250 or 500mg tablets; 125mg/5mL or 250mg/5mL oral suspension; 500mg ER tablets.250-500mg q12hr.Antibiotic, MacrolideClick to see
ClindamycinCLEOCIN, CLEOCIN PEDIATRIC, CLINDESSEIV, IM, PO75, 150 or 300mg capsules; 150mg/mL injectable solution; 75mg/5mL oral solution; 300mg/50mL, 600mg/50mL or 900mg/50mL (5% dextrose) IV solution150-450mg PO q6-8hr (max. 1.8g/day);
1.2 to 2.7g/day divided in q6-12hr (max. 4.8g/day).
AntibioticClick to see
ClofazimineLAMPRENEPO50mg capsules.50mg PO qDay (Max 200mg/day).AntibioticClick to see
------------Hypolipidemic, FibrateNo
ClomipheneCLOMID, SEROPHENEPO50mg tablets.50mg daily for 5 days. Ovulation should occur around 7 days after last tablet. If no ovulation, treatment can be repeated 30 days after initial therapy.Estrogen modulatorClick to see
ClomipramineANAFRANILPO25, 50 or 75mg tablets.25mg qDay. Gradually increase to desired effect (max. 250mg/day).Tricyclic antidepressantClick to see
ClonazepamKLONOPINPO0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1 or 2mg tablets.0.25 to 2mg q12h.Benzodiazepine, Anxiolytic, Sedative, HypnoticClick to see
ClonidineCATAPRES, KAPVAYPO0.1, 0.2 or 0.3 tablets.0.1mg b.i.d. May be slowly increased to up to 0.6mg/day.Antihypertensive, Alpha-2 agonistClick to see
ClopidogrelPLAVIXPO75 or 300mg tablets.Acute Coronary Syndrome: 300mg loading dose.
After that 75mg/day for up to 12 months.
Platelet antiaggregantClick to see
ClozapineCLOZARIL, FAZACLO ODT, VERSACLOZPO25, 50, 100 or 200mg tablets; 12.5, 25, 100, 150 or 200mg orally disintegrating tablets; 50mg/mL oral suspension (Versacloz).12.5mg PO qDay or q12hr initially, increased by 25mg increment every day if tolerated until target dosage of 300-450mg/day.Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
CodeineNONEPO, IM, SC15, 30 or 60mg tablets; 30mg/5mL oral solution; 15mg/mL or 30mg/mL injection solution.Pain: 15-60 mg PO/SC/IM q4-6hr.
Cough: 7.5-20 mg PO q4-6hr.
OpiateClick to see
ColchicineCOLCRYS, MITIGAREPO0.6mg tablet or capsule.Acute gout: 1.2mg PO, then 0.6mg 1hr later.
Prophylaxis: 0.6mg once daily.
Microtubule inhibitor, AnalgesicClick to see
ColestipolCOLESTIDPO1g tablet; 5g granules packets or bottle.2g PO qDay. Max. 16g/day.Hypolipidemic, Bile acid sequestrantClick to see
Colistin (Colistimethate sodium)COLY MYCIN MIV150mg/vial2.5-5mg/kg/day divided q6-12hr. AntibioticClick to see
NEB: 10mg/mL (2mL vial nebulization solution).
PO: 100mg/5mL oral concentrate.
INTRANASAL: 1 spray each nostril q6-8hr.
PO (Food Allergy & IBD): 200mg PO QID.
Mast cell stabilizerClick to see
PO5, 7.5 or 10mg tablets; 15 or 30mg ER capsules.5 to 10mg q8hr.Muscle relaxantClick to see
CyclophosphamideCYTOXANPO, IVPO: 25 or 50mg tablets.
IV: 500mg, 1 or 2g powder for injection.
Vasculitis: 10mg/kg IV every 2 weeks.
Nephrotic syndrome: 2-3mg/kg/day for up to 12 weeks.
Malignant diseases: 40-50mg/kg IV divided over 2-5 days, me be repeated at intervals of 2-4 weeks.
Immunosuppressant, AntineoplasticClick to see
CyclosporineNEORAL, SANDIMMUNE, GENGRAFPO, IVPO: 25, 50 or 100mg capsules; 100mg/mL oral solution.
IV: 50mg/mL injectable solution.
Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis: 1.25mg/kg PO BID (maximum 4mg/kg/day).
Prophylaxis of organ rejection (heart, liver and kidney): 4-12h pre-transplant 15mg/kg PO (or 5-6mg IV) for 1 dose. Post-transplant 15mg/kg/day PO divided BID (or 5-6mg/kg qDay). Reduce 5% per week until 5-10mg/kg/day PO divided BID.
Immunosuppressant, DMARDClick to see
CyproheptadineGENERIC ONLY (PERIACTIN)PO4mg tablets; 2mg/5mL oral solution.2-4mg q8hr.Antihistamine, SedativeClick to see
------------Oral contraceptiveNo
DabigatranPRADAXAPO75 or 150mg capsules.DVT or PE treatment: 150mg PO BID.
DVT or PE prophylaxis: 110mg PO 1-4h after surgery, then 220mg qDay for 28-35 days.
Stroke prophylaxis in patients with nonvalvular AFib: 150mg PO BID.
AnticoagulantClick to see
DaclizumabZINBRYTAIV150mg/mL solution for injection.Multiple sclerosis: 150mg SC once a month.Immunobiologic, IL-2 inhibitorClick to see
DalteparinFRAGMINIV, SC10.000 or 25.000 unitsinjectable solution; 2500, 5000 or 7500 units prefilled syringe.DVT prophylaxis: 2500 units SC 4-8hr postsurgery, then 5000 units qDay.Anticoagulant, LMWHClick to see
DapagliflozinFARXIGAPO5 or 10mg tablets.5 to 10mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, SGLT-2 inhibitor, GlucosuricClick to see
DapsoneGeneric onlyPO25 or 100mg tablets.100mg PO qDay.AntibioticClick to see
DaptomycinCUBICINIV500mg vial.4-6mg/kg q24hr.Antibiotic, LipopeptideClick to see
DaratumumabDARZALEXIV100mg/5mL vial, 400mg/20mL vial.Multiple Myeloma: 16 mg/kg IV infusion once weekly (1 to 8 weeks), reduce to once every two weeks (week 9 to 24) and finally to once every 4 weeks until disease progression.Anti-CD38Click to see
Darunavir (DRV)PREZISTAPOtablet: 75mg, 150mg, 600mg or 800mg;
oral suspension: 100mg/mL
600mg q12hr (+ ritonavir 100mg).Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
DeferoxamineDESFERALIV, SC, IM500mg or 2g vialsAcute Iron Poisoning: 500mg q4h (maximum 6g in 24h).
Chronic iron overload: 20 to 40mg/kg/day.
Iron chelatorClick to see
Delavirdine (DLV)RESCRIPTORPO100 or 200mg tablets.400mg TID with other antiretrovirals.Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
DenosumabPROLIA, XGEVASC60mg/mL (1mL prefilled syringe or vial - Prolia); 70mg/mL (120mg/1.7mL vial Xgeva).Osteoporosis: 60mg SC q6months.
Prevention of Skeletal-Related events in patients with bone metastases: 120mg q4weeks.
Immunobiologic, RANKL inhibitorClick to see
DesfluraneSUPRANEIN240mL (100%)Induction: Initial 3% inhaled, increase by 0.5-1% increments every 2-3Breaths.
Maintenance: 2.5-8.5% with or without nitrous oxide.
Sedative, Hypnotic, Inhalational anaestheticClick to see
------------Digitalis, InotropicNo
DesloratadineCLARINEX, CLARINEX REDITABSPO5mg tablets; 2.5 or 5mg oral disintegrating tablets; 0.5mg/mL syrup.5mg PO qDay.AntihistamineClick to see
DesmopressinDDAVPIV, SC, PO, NASALSolution for injection: 4mcg/mL, 1mL ampule.
Tablets: 0.1 or 0.2mg tablet.
Nasal Spray pump: 0.1mL=10mcg
Nasal Solution 0.01%: 0.1mg/mL
Hemophilia and von Willebrand's: 0.3mcg/kg over 15 to 30 minutes.
Diabetes insipidus: 2 to 4mcg IV or SC a day, divided in two doses.
0.1 to 0.4mg daily.
ADH agonistClick to see
Desogestrel / EthinylestradiolORTHO-CEPT, DESOGEN, APRI, CAZIANT, CYCLESSA, EMOQUETTE, ENSKYCE, KARIVA, MIRCETTE, RECLIPSEN, SOLIA, VELIVET, VIORELE, AZURETTE, KIMIDESS, PIMTREAPO0.15mg/0.03mg monophasic tablets; 0.15mg/0.02mg plus 0/0.01mg biphasic tablets; 0.1/0.025mg (7 tablets) plus 0.125/0.025mg (7 tablets) plus 0.15/0.025mg (7 tablets) triphasic tablets.Monophasic (Apri, Cyred, Desogen, Emoquette, Enskyce, Juleber, Ortho-Cept, Reclipsen, Solia):
1 tablet qDay for 28 days (active tablets day 1-21).
Biphasic (Azurette, Kariva, Kimidess, Mircette, Pimtrea, Viorele): 1 tablet PO qDay (active tablets Days 1-21, Inactive tablets days 22-23, Low dose tablets days 22-28).
Triphasic (Cyclessa, Velivet, Caziant): 1 tablet qDay. Days 1-7 dose 1, days 8-14 dose 2, days 15-21 dose 3, days 22-28 inactive tablets.
Oral contraceptiveClick to see
DexamethasoneDECADRON, DEXAMETHASONE INTENSOL, DEXASONE, SOLUREX, BAYCADRONIV, IM, POPO: 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 4 or 6mg tablets; 0.5mg/5mL oral solution; 1mg/1mL oral concentrate.
IV/IM: 4mg/mL or 10mg/mL injectable suspension.
Inflammation: 0.75-9mg/day (divided q6-q12hr).Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, ImmunosuppressantClick to see
DexmetomidinePRECEDEXIV100mcg/mLLoad: 1mcg/kg over 10 minutes.
Maintenance: 0.2-1.4mcg/kg/h.
Sedative, Hypnotic, Alpha-2 agonist Click to see
DiacereinNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Anthraquinone, Interleukin 1-beta inhibitorNo
DiazepamVALIUM, DIASTAT, DIASTAT ACUDIALPO, IV, IM, RECTALPO: 2, 5 or 10mg tablets; 1mg/1mL or 5mg/mL oral solution.
IV/IM: 5mg/mL injectable solution or intramuscular device.
RECTAL: 2.5, 10 or 20mg rectal gel.
Anxiety: 2-10mg q6-12hr.
Alcohol withdrawal: 10mg PO q6-8hr during first 24hr, then reduce to 5mg PO q6-8hr.
Status epilepticus: 5-10mg IV/IM q5-10min (Max 30mg).
Benzodiazepine, Anxiolytic, Sedative, HypnoticClick to see
DiazoxidePROGLYCEMPO50mg/mLHypoglycemia: 3mg/kg/day PO divided q8-12hr.Potassium channel activator; Antihypertensive, VasodilatorClick to see
DiclofenacCATAFLAM, VOLTAREN-XR, DYLOJECT, CAMBIA, ZIPSOR, ZORVOLEXPO, IVPO: 50mg tablet (as potassium); 25, 50 or 75mg delayed-release tablets (as sodium); 100mg extended-release tablets (Voltaren XR); 18, 25 or 35mg capsules (Zorvolex and Zipsor); 50mg packet with powder for oral solution (Cambia)
IV: 37.5mg/mL solution for IV injection (Dyloject).
PO: 50mg q8-12hr.
IV: 37.5mg q6hr as needed (max 150mg/day).
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
DiclofenacCATAFLAM, VOLTAREN-XR, DYLOJECT, CAMBIA, ZIPSOR, ZORVOLEXPO, IV50mg potassium tablets; 25, 50 or 75mg delayed release sodium tablets; 100mg ER tablets (Voltaren-XR); 18, 25 or 35mg capsules (Zorvolex); 50mg powder for oral solution (Cambia); 37.5mg/mL IV injection solution (Dyloject).50mg PO q8-12hr.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
Didanosine (ddI)VIDEX, VIDEX ECPO125, 200, 250 or 400mg ER capsules; 2 or 4g powder for solution.400mg PO qDay or 200mg PO q12hr.Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
DigoxinLANOXINPO, IV, IMPO: 0.0625, 0.125, 0.1875 or 0.25mg tablets; 0.05mg/mL oral solution.
IV/IM: 0.1mg/mL or 0.25mg/mL.
AFib: Loading dose: 8-12mcg/kg (50% initially, then may give 1/4 the loading dose q6-8h twice. Maintenance: 0.125-0.5mg/day PO.
CHF: 0.125-0.25mg PO qDay.
Digitalis, InotropicClick to see
IV: 5mg/mL injectable solution; 100mg powder for injection.
AFib/Flutter/PSVT: 0.25mg/kg direct IV over 2 minutes. After 15 minutes do 0.35mg/kg IV bolus if first dose not enough. Continuous infusion: 10mg/hr.
Angina: 360mg/day (divided q6hr for conventional).
Antihypertensive, Antiarrhythmic, Non-dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerClick to see
DinoprostoneCERVIDIL, PREPIDIL, PROSTIN E2VAGINAL0.5mg/3g gel (PREPIDIL); 20mg vaginal suppository (PROSTIN E2); 10mg controlled-release system (CERVIDIL).CERVIDIL: 10mg q12.Uterotonic, PGE2 analogueClick to see
Dipirone (Metamizole)NOT AVAILABLE IN US------------AnalgesicNo
DisulfiramANTABUSEPO250 or 500mg tablets.500mg qDay for 1-2 weeks. Maintenance: 250mg qDay.Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitor, Alcoholism treatmentClick to see
Divalproex sodiumDEPAKOTE, DEPAKOTE ER, DEPAKOTE SPRINKLESPO125, 250 or 500mg delayed-release tablets (Depakote; 250 or 500mg ER tablets; 125mg capsules.25 to 60mg/kg/day.AnticonvulsivantClick to see
DobutamineGENERIC ONLYIV100mg/100mL, 200mg/100mL or 400mg/100mL infusion solution in D5W; 12.5mg/mL injectable solution.0.5-1mcg/kg/min continuous IV initially, then 2-20mcg/kg/min. Max 40mcg/kg/min.Vasoactive Drug, Beta-1 agonist, InotropicClick to see
Dolutegravir (DTG)TIVICAYPO50mg tablets.50mg PO qDay (in association with other agents)Integrase inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
------------Antiemetic, ProkineticNo
DonepezilARICEPT, ARICEPT ODTPO5, 10 or 23mg tablets; 5 or 10mg oral disintegrating tablets.5 to 10mg qHS.Acetylcholinesterase inhibitorClick to see
DopamineINTROPINIV80mg/100mL, 160mg/100mL or 320mg/100mL infusion solution in D5W; 40, 80 or 160mg/mL injectable solution.1-20mcg/kg/min.Vasoactive Drug, Alpha, Beta and Dopa agonist, InotropicClick to see
DoxazosinCARDURA, CARDURA XL, DOXADURAPO1, 2, 4 or 8mg tablets; 4 or 8mg ER tablets.BPH: 1-8mg/day.Antihypertensive, Alpha-1 blocker, BPH treatmentClick to see
DoxorubicinADRIAMYCINIV2mg/mL solution, 10, 20 or 50mg powder for injection.60-75 mg/m² IV q21Days OR
60 mg/m² IV q14Days OR
40-60 mg/m² IV q21-28Days OR
20 mg/m²/dose qWeek
AntineoplasticClick to see
DoxycyclineVIBRAMYCIN, MONODOX, ACTILATE, ATRIDOX, AVIDOX, DOXY, DOXYCIN, DORYX, ORACEA, PERIOSTAT, ADOXA, OCUDOX, DORYX, MPCPO, IV, LOCALPO: capsules with 50mg (Monodox, generic), 75mg (Monodox), 100mg (Monodox, Vibramycin, generic) and 150mg (Adoxa); tablets with 20mg (generic), 50mg (Adoxa, generic), 75mg (Acticlate, Adoxa, generic), 100mg (Adoxa, generic) and 150mg (Acticlate, generic); delayed-release tablets with 50mg (Doryx), 60mg (Doryx MPC), 75mg (generic), 100mg (generic), 120mg (Doryx MPC), 150mg (Doryx, generic) and 200mg (Doryx); delayed-release capsule 40mg (Oracea, generic); oral suspension 25mg/5mL (Vibramycin, generic); syrup 50mg/5mL (Vibramycin).
LOCAL: 10% periodontal extended-release liquid.
IV: 100mg powder (Doxy, generic).
100mg q12hr.Antibiotic, TetracyclineClick to see
- 3mg/0.02mg (Yaz, Gianvi, Loryna, Vestura);
- 3mg/0.02mg plus 0.451mg levomefolate (Beyaz, Rajani);
- 3mg/0.03mg (Yasmin, Syeda, Zarah)
- 3mg/0.03mg plus 0.451mg levomefolate (Safyral)
Yasmin, Ocella, Zarah, Safyral, Syeda:
1 active tablet (3 mg drospirenone/0.03 mg EE) PO qDay for 21 days, THEN 1 inert tablet PO qDay for 7 days.

Yaz, Beyaz, Gianvi, Loryna, Rajani, Vestura:

1 active tablet (3 mg drospirenone/0.02 mg EE) PO qDay for 24 days, THEN 1 inert tablet PO qDay for 4 days.

Moderate Acne Vulgaris:
Yaz, Gianvi, Beyaz, Loryna, Rajani
Indicated for moderate acne in women, but only if oral contraceptive is chosen as method of birth control
1 active tablet (3 mg drospirenone/0.02 mg EE) PO qDay for 24 days, THEN 1 inert tablet PO qDay for 4 days
Oral contraceptiveClick to see
DulaglutideTRULICITYSC0.75mg/0.5mL or 1.5mg/0.5mL prefilled syringe or pen.0.75mg once weekly (may increase to 1.5mg).Oral hypoglycemic agent, GLP-1 agonistClick to see
DuloxetineCYMBALTAPO20, 30, 40 or 60mg delayed-release capsules.40-60mg/day (single dose or q12hr).AntidepressantClick to see
EcallantideKALBITORSC10mg/mL vial (3 vials provided).30mg SC. If the attack persists, another 30mg can be given within 24h.Kallikrein InhibitorClick to see
EdoxabanSAVAYSAPO30 or 60mg tablets.60mg once a day for ClCr >60 but <95.
30mg once a day for ClCr >15 but <60.
AnticoagulantClick to see
Efavirenz (EFV)SUSTIVAPO50 or 200mg capsules; 600mg tablets.600mg PO qDay in combination with other agents.Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Elvitegravir (EVG)VITEKTAPO85 to 150mg tablets.Possibilities:
Elvitegravir 85 mg PO qDay plus atazanavir 300 mg qDay plus ritonavir 100 mg qDay
Elvitegravir 85 mg PO qDay plus lopinavir 400 mg PO BID plus ritonavir 100 mg BID
Elvitegravir 150-mg PO qDay plus darunavir 600 mg PO BID plus ritonavir 100 mg BID OR Elvitegravir 150 mg PO qDay plus fosamprenavir 700 mg PO BID plus ritonavir 100 mg BID
Elvitegravir 150 mg PO qDay plus tipranavir 500 mg PO BID plus ritonavir 200 mg BID.
Integrase inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
EmpaglifozinJARDIANCEPO10 or 25mg tablets.10 to 25mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, SGLT-2 inhibitor, GlucosuricClick to see
Emtricitabine (FTC)EMTRIVAPO200mg capsule; 10mg/mL oral solution.200mg PO qDay (240mg qDay for the solution).Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Emtricitabine / Tenofovir / EfavirenzATRIPLAPO200mg/300mg/600mg tablets.1 tablet qHS.Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), Nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI), Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Emtricitabine / Tenofovir DFTRUVADAPO200mg/300mg tablets.HIV infection: 200mg/300mg tablet PO qDay in combination with other agentes.
Pre-exposure prophylaxis: 1 tablet qDay.
Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), Nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
EnalaprilEPANED, VASOTEC, VASOTEC IVPO, IVPO: 2.5, 5, 10 or 20mg tablets; 150mg bottle (1mg/mL) powder for oral solution.
IV: 1.25mg/mL.
2.5-5mg PO qDay initially (up to 40mg/day divided q12hr).Antihypertensive, ACE inhibitorClick to see
EnfluraneETHRANE, COMPOUND 347IN125 or 250mL bottle (99.9%)Induction: 2-4.5% works in 7-10 min (use with oxygen or combination of oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture).
Maintenance: 0.5-3%.
Sedative, Hypnotic, Inhalational anaestheticClick to see
Enfuvirtide (ENF; T-20)FUZEONSC90mg/mL powder for injection.90mg SC q12hr.Fusion inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
EnoxaparinLOVENOXSC, IV100mg/mL (3mL multidose vial); 30mg/0.3mL, 40mg/0.4mL, 60mg/0.6mL, 80mg/0.8mL, 100mg/mL, 120mg/0.8mL or 150mg/mL prefilled syringe.DVT prophylaxis. 40mg SC qDay.
DVT treatment and non-STE MI: 1mg/kg SC q12hr or 1.5mg SC qDay.
Acute STEMI:
<75 years: 30mg IV loading dose plus 1mg/kg SC, maintenance 1mg/kg SC q12hr.
>75years: No IV bolus, just 0.75mg/kg SC q12hr.
Anticoagulant, Low Molecular Weight HeparinClick to see
EntacaponeCOMTANPO200mg tablets.200mg for each dose of levodopa/carbidopa.Antiparkinson, COMT inhibitorClick to see
Entecavir (ETV)BARACLUDEPO0.5 or 1mg tablet, 0.05mg/mL oral solution.0.5 to 1mg qDay.Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Epinephrine (Adrenalin)EPIPEN, EPIPEN JR, ADRENACLICK, AUVI-Q, ADRENALINIV, IM, SC, IO, ET0.1mg/mL or 1mg/mL injectable solution; 0.15mg/0.15mL or 0.3mg/0.3mL autoinjector.CPR: 1mg IV/IO q3-5min.
Anaphylaxis: 0.2-0.5mg IM/SC q5-15min.
Symptomatic bradycardia unresponsive to atropine or pacing (off label): 0.1-0.5mcg/kg/min (7-35mcg/min in 70kg patient).
Vasoactive Drug, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 and Beta-3 agonistClick to see
EplerenoneINSPRAPO25 or 50mg tablets.HTN: 50mg qDay or 50mg q12hr.
Post MI HF: Start with 25 mg PO qDay; may titrate to maximum of 50 mg once daily within 4 weeks as tolerated.
Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
Epoetin alfa (Erythropoietin)EPOGEN, PROCRIT, EPREXIV, SC2000, 3000, 4000, 10.000, 20.000, 40.000units/mL injectable solution.CKD associated anemia: 50-100units/kg IV 3 times/week.HormoneClick to see
Epsilon-aminocaproic acidAMICARIV, POIV: 250mg/mL injectable solution.
PO: 500mg tablet; 1.25g/5mL syrup.
Fibrinolytic bleeding: 4-5h IV/PO during 1st hr, then 1-1.25g PO q1hr OR continuous IV infusion at 1g/hr. Do not exceed 30g/day.AntifibrinolyticClick to see
ErgometrineERGONOVINE, ERGOTRATEPO, IV, IMPO: 0,2mg tablet.
IM/IV: 0,2mg/mL , 1mL vial.
PO: 1 or 2 tablets b.i.d. to q6h.
IM/IV: 1 vial that may be repeated if bleeding does not stop.
Uterotonic, Alpha DOPA and 5HT2 agonistClick to see
ErtapenemINVANZIV, IM1g/vial1g/day.Antibiotic, CarbapenemClick to see
ErythromycinE.E.S., EryPed (ethylsuccinate); Ery-Tab, PCE Dispertab (base); Erythromycin lactobionate (for injection)IV, POIV: 500 or 1g injection.
PO: 250 or 500mg tablets; 250, 333 or 500mg delayed-release tablet; 333 or 500mg PCE dispertab; 250mg delayed release particles; 400mg tablet, 200 or 400mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV: 15-20mg/kg/day (500mg to 4g) divided q6hr.
PO: 250 to 500mg q6-12hr.
Antibiotic, Macrolide, ProkineticClick to see
Erythromycin ethylsuccinateE.E.S., ERYPEDPO400mg tablets; 200mg/5mL or 400mg/5mL oral suspension.400mg q6hr.Antibiotic, Macrolide, ProkineticClick to see
Erythromycin lactobionateERYTHROCIN LACTOBIONATEIV500mg or 1g.15-20mg/kg/day IV divided q6hr.Antibiotic, Macrolide, ProkineticClick to see
EscitalopramLEXAPROPO5, 10 or 20mg tablets; 5mg/5mL oral solution.10 to 20mg qDay.Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)Click to see
EsmololBREVIBLOCIV2g/100mL or 2.5g/250mL infusion bags; 10mg/mL or 20mg/mL injectable solution.
SVT: Load 0.5mg/kg over 1 min, THEN maintenance 0.05mg/kg/min (max 0.2mg/kg/min).Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
EsomeprazoleNEXIUM, NEXIUM 24HRIV, POPO: 20 or 40mg delayed-release capsule; 10, 20 or 40mg packets for oral suspension.
IV: 20 or 40mg/vial powder for injection.
20-40mg qDay.Antacid, Proton pump inhibitor (PPI)Click to see
EtanerceptENBREL, ERELZISC25 or 50mg/mL prefilled syringe, 50mg/mL prefilled autoinjector50mg SC qWeekTNF inhibitor, DMARDClick to see
EthosuximideZARONTINPO250mg capsule; 250mg/5mL syrup.500mg to Max. 1.5g qDay.AnticonvulsivantClick to see
EtomidateAMIDATEIV2mg/mL injectable solution.Induction: 0.3 to 0.6mg/kg IVP over 30-60 sec.Sedative, Hypnotic, GABA modulator Click to see
------------Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicNo
Etravirine (ETR)INTELENCEPO100 or 200mg tablets.200mg PO q12hr.Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
EvolucumabREPATHASC140mg/mL Autoinjector.140mg every 2 weeks or 420mg once a month.Hypolipidemic, Monoclonal antibody, PCSK9 inhibitorClick to see
ExenatideBYETTA (injectable solution), BYDUREON (injectable suspension).SCBYETTA: 250mcg/mL (1.2 or 2.4mL vial).
BYDUREON: 2mg/vial or 2mg/syringe pen.
BYETTA: 5mcg SC q12hr 60 minutes before meal (may increase to 10mcg).
BYDUREON: 2mg SC once a week.
Oral hypoglycemic agent, GLP-1 agonistClick to see
EzetimibeZETIAPO10mg tablets.10mg qDay.Hypolipidemic, Cholesterol absorption inhibitorClick to see
FamotidinePEPCID, ACT, DYSPEP HB, FLUXID, ACID CONTROLLERPO, IVPO: 10 or 20mg chewable tablet; 10, 20 or 40mg tablet; 40mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV: 10mg/mL; 0.4mg/mL.
GERD: 20mg PO q12hr.Antacid, H2 inhibitorClick to see
FenofibrateTRICOR, LOFIBRA TABLETS, FENOGLIDE, LIPOFEN, TRIGLIDEPO48 or 145mg tablet (TriCor); 54 or 160mg tablet (Lofibra); 40 or 120mg tablet (Fenoglide); 160mg (Triglide); 50 or 150mg capsule (Lipofen).40-160mg qDay.Hypolipidemic, FibrateClick to see
------------Bronchodilator, Beta-2 agonistNo
FentanylSUBLIMAZEIV, IM0.05mg/mL injection solution.Anesthesia in major surgery: 2-20mcg/kg/dose initially; 1-2mcg/kg/hr maintenance infusion. Discontinue 30-60min prior to end of surgery.OpiateClick to see
Ferrous sulfateSLOW FE, FER-IN-SOL, FERATAB, IRON, MOL-IRON, FEOSOL, MYKIDZ IRON 10PO200mg (65mg Fe), 300mg (60mg Fe) or 325mg (65mg Fe) tablets; 325mg (65mg Fe) delayed release tablets; 140mg (45mg Fe) or 160mg (50mg Fe) ER tablets; 75mg (15mg Fe)/mL oral liquid drops; 300mg (60mg Fe)/5mL oral solution.Iron Def. Anemia: 100-200mg PO divided q12hr.IronClick to see
FexofenadineALLEGRAPO30, 60 or 180mg tablets; 30mg/5mL oral suspension; 30mg oral disintegrating tablets.180mg qDay or 60mg BID.AntihistamineClick to see
FingolimodGILENYAPO0.5mg tablet.0.5mg/day.Multiple Sclerosis treatmentClick to see
FlecainideTAMBOCORPO50, 100 or 150mg tablets.Arrythmias: 50-100mg BID.Antiarrhythmic - Class IcClick to see
FluconazoleDIFLUCANIV, PO50, 100, 150 or 200mg tablets; 10mg/mL or 40mg/mL suspension; 2mg/mL solution for injection.Oropharyngeal Candidiasis: 200mg one time, then 100mg qDay for 2 weeks.
Cryptococcal Meningitis: 400mg one time, then 200mg qDay for 10-12 weeks. Supression after treatment: 200mg qDay.
AntifungalClick to see
FludrocortisoneFLORINEFPO0.1mg tablet.Addison disease:
Usual 0.1mg qDay, but range goes from 0.1mg 3 times/week to 0.2mg qDay.
Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, ImmunosuppressantClick to see
FlumazenilROMAZICONIV0.1mg/mL injectable solution.Benzodiazepine Overdose: 0.2 mg IV over 15-30 sec,
IF no response after 30 sec, administer 0.3 mg over 30 sec 1 min later; IF no response, repeat dose of 0.5 mg IV over 30 sec at 1-min intervals to max cumulative dose of 3 mg/hr.
Benzodiazepine antidoteClick to see
FlunarizineNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Antivertiginous, Antimigraine, Calcium antagonistNo
FluoxetinePROZAC, SARAFEM, PROZAC WEEKLY, SELFEMRAPO10, 20 or 40mg capsules; 10, 20 or 60mg tablets; 90mg delayed-release capsules; 20mg/5mL oral solution.Major Depression: Start with 20mg qDay, may increase after several weeks by 20mg/day (Max. 80mg qDay). For delayed-release form: 90mg qWeekly.Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)Click to see
Fluticasone / SalmeterolADVAIR HFA
INADVAIR HFA: 45, 115 or 230mcg fluticasone + 21mcg salmeterol/inhaler actuation.
ADVAIR DISKUS: 100, 250 or 500mcg + 50mcg salmeterol inhalation powder.
HFA: Two inhalations twice daily (q12). Maximum dose 2x230+21mcg twice daily.
DISKUS: 250x50mcg twice a day.
Long-acting Beta-2 agonist, CorticosteroidClick to see
Folic AcidFA-8, FOLACIN-800POPO: 400 or 800mcg or 1mg tablets.
IV/IM/SC: 5mg/mL
Pregnancy: 600mcg 1x/day.
Nutritional deficiency: 0.4 to 1mg/day.
VitaminClick to see
Folinic acidLEUCOVORINIV, IM, POIV/iM: 100 or 350mg/vial.
PO: 5, 10, 15 or 25mg tablet.
Acute: 15mg q6h.
Maintenance: 5 to 10mg/day.
VitaminClick to see
Follicle-stimulating hormone (Urofollitropin, FSH)BRAVELLE, FERTINORMSC75 IU/vial.Ovulation Induction:
Initial: 150 IU IM/SC qDay x 5 days.
Titrate by 75-150 IU qODay. Maximum dose 450 International units, maximum time 12 days
If patient's response satisfactory, administer hCG one day following the last dose of follitropin.
HormoneClick to see
FormoterolFORADIL, PERFOROMISTINCapsule for inhalation (FORADIL AEROLIZER): 12mcg.
Nebulization solution (PERFOROMIST): 20mcg/2mL.
PERFOROMIST: 20mcg q12.
Long-acting Beta-2 agonist
Click to see
Formoterol / MometasoneDULERAIN5 mcg+100mcg aerosol.100 to 200 mcg+5 to 10mcg, 2 inhalations twice daily.Long-acting Beta-2 agonist, CorticosteroidClick to see
Fosamprenavir (FPV)LEXIVAPO700mg tablet; 50mg/mL oral solution.Therapy-naive patients:
1400 mg PO q12hr (without ritonavir)
1400 mg PO qDay (with ritonavir 100-200 mg qDay)
700 mg PO q12hr (with ritonavir 100 mg q12hr)
Protease inhibitor-experienced patients:
700 mg PO q12hr (with ritonavir 100 mg q12hr)
Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
FoscarnetFOSCAVIRIV2.4g/100mL injectable solution.Herpes simplex: 40mg/kg IV q8hr for 14-21 days.
CMV: Induction: 60mg/kg q8hr for 14-21 days. Maintenance 90-120mg/kg IV qDay.
AntiviralClick to see
FosinoprilMONOPRILPO10, 20 or 40mg tablets.HT: 10 to 40mg qDay.
CHF: 5-40mg qDay.
Antihypertensive, ACE inhibitorClick to see
FurosemideLASIXPO, IVPO: 20, 40 or 80mg tablets; 8 or 10mg/mL oral solution.
IV: 10mg/mL injectable solution.
Acute pulmonary edema: 0.5-1mg/kg (or 40mg) IV over 1-2 minutes. May be increased to 80mg if the is no response in 1 hour.
Hypermagnesemia during CPR: 20-40mg IV.
Hyperkalemia during CPR: 40-80 mg IV.
Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
GabapentineNEURONTIN, GRALISEPO100, 300 or 400mg capsules; 300, 600 or 800mg tablets; 250mg/5mL oral solution.300mg PO q8hr.
Anticonvulsivant, AnxiolyticClick to see
GalantamineREZADYNEPO4, 8 or 12mg tablets.16mg/day to 32mg/day divided in two dosages.Nicotinic agonistClick to see
GanciclovirCYTOVENEPO, IVPO: 250 or 500mg capsule; 25mg/mL or 100mg/mL oral solution.
IV: 500mg powder for injection.
CMV Retinitis:
Initial: 5 mg/kg IV q12hr, over 1 hr x14-21d
Maintenance: 5 mg/kg IV qD OR 6 mg/kg IV qD for 5 d/week OR 1000 mg PO TID.

CMV Prevention in HIV Infected:
1000 mg PO TID (primary/recurrence)
AntiviralClick to see
GemfibrozilLOPIDPO600mg cp.600mg q12hr.Hypolipidemic, FibrateClick to see
------------Immunobiologic, CD33 inhibitor No
GentamicinG MYCETIN, GARAMYCINIV, IM10mg/mL or 40mg/mL injectable solution.3-5 mg/kg/day IV/IM divided q8hr.Antibiotic, AminoglycosideClick to see
GestodeneNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Oral contraceptiveNo
20mg/mL SC qDay OR 40mg SC 3 times/week.
Multiple Sclerosis treatmentClick to see
------------Oral hypoglycemic agent, SulfonylureaNo
GlipizideGLUCOTROL, GLUCOTROL XL, MINODIABPO5 or 10mg tablets; 2.5, 5 or 10mg ER tablets.5mg PO with breakfast. Max 40mg/day.Oral hypoglycemic agent, SulfonylureaClick to see
Glucosamine / Chondroitin / PrimorineRELAMINEPO400+300+425mg.2 tabs twice daily.Amino sugar, GlycosaminoglycanClick to see
Glyburide (Glibenclamide)DIABETA, GLYNASE, GLYNASE PRESTABPO1.25, 2.5 or 5mg tablets; 1.5, 3, 5 or 6mg micronized tablets.Start with 2.5-5mg PO qDay. Maintenance dose is 1.25-20mg PO qDay or q12hr (Max. 20mg/day). For the micronized tablet, dose is 40% lower.Oral hypoglycemic agent, SulfonylureaClick to see
GolimumabSIMPONI, SIMPONI ARIASC, IVSC: 50mg/0.5mL, 100mg/1mL prefilled syringe autoinjector.
IV: 50mg/4mL IV solution.
50mg SC qMonth.Immunobiologic, TNF inhibitor, DMARDClick to see
GoserelinZOLADEX, ZOLADEX LASC3.6 or 10.8mg implants.Prostate Cancer:
Monthly implant: 3.6 mg SC q28days OR
3-months implant: 10.8 mg SC q12week.
3.6 mg implant SC q28days. Treat for 6 months.
GnRh analogueClick to see
GriseofulvinGRIFULVIN V, GRIS-PEGPO125mg/5mL oral suspension; 500mg microsize tablets (Grifulvin V); 125 or 250mg ultramicrosize tablets (Gris-PEG).Tinea corporis: 375 or 500mg/day.AntifungalClick to see
HaloperidolHALDOL, HALDOL DECANOATE, HALOPERIDOL LA, PERIDOLPO, IM, IVPO: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20mg tablets; 2mg/mL oral concentrate.
IM: 50 or 100mg/mL injectable solution.
IV (lactate): 5mg/mL injectable solution.
Psychosis: 0.5-5mg PO q8-12hr OR 2-5mg IM q4-8hr OR decanoate dose (50 or 100mg) IM monthly.Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
HalothaneNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Sedative, Hypnotic, Inhalational anaestheticNo
HeparinHeparin sodiumIV, SC1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 or 20000units/mL; 20000U/500mL, 25000U/250mL or 25000U/500mL premixed IV solution; 10 or 100U/mL heparin lock solution.AnticoagulantClick to see
Hydralazine(Generic)PO, IV, IM10, 25, 50 or 100mg tablets; 20mg/mL injectable solution.Hypertension: 10mg q6hr PO.
Antihypertensive, VasodilatorClick to see
HydrochlorothiazideMICROZIDE, HYDRODIURIL, HYDRO, ESIDRIX, HCTZ, ORETICPO12.5, 25 or 50mg tablets or capsules.12.5-50mg qDay.Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
HydrocodoneZOHYDRO ER, HYSINGLA ERPO10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50mg capsules (ZOHYDRO ER); 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 120mg tablets (HYSINGLA ER)Zohydro ER: 10 mg PO q12hr initially
Hysingla ER: Administer once daily as 20 mg PO q24h initially
OpiateClick to see
Hydrocodone / AcetaminophenVICODIN, HYCET, LORCET, LORTABPO2.5mg/325mg, 5mg/300mg, 5mg/325mg, 7.5mg/300mg, 7.5mg/325mg, 10mg/300mg, 10mg/325mg tablets; 7.5mg/325mg/15mL, 10mg/300mg/15mL or 10mg/325mg/15mL elixir.2.5 to 10mg of hydrocodone q4-6hr (max/day: 60mg of hydrocodone or 4g of acetaminophen).OpiateClick to see
IV/IM: 100, 250, 500mg or 1g powder for injection.
Acute Asthma: 1-2mg/kg IV q6hr.
Acute Adrenal Failure: 100mg IV bolus then 300mg/day IV (divided q8hr) for 48h THEN 50mg PO q8hr.
Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, ImmunosuppressantClick to see
HydromorphoneDILAUDID, DILAUDID-HP, EXALGOPO, IV, SC, IM, PRPO: 2, 4 or 8mg tablets; 8, 12, 16 or 32mg ER tablets; 5mg/5mL oral liquid.
IV/SC/IM: 1, 2 or 4mg/mL injectable solution; 10mg/mL injection solution; 0.2 or 0.6mg/mL prefilled syringe.
PR: 3mg suppository.
PO: 2-4mg q4-6hr.
SC/IM: 1-2mg q2-3hr.
IV: 0.2-1mg q2-3hr
PR: 3mg q6-8hr.
OpiateClick to see
Hydroxychloroquine (sulfate)PLAQUENILPO200mg tablets.Malaria: Acute treatment - 800mg, then 400mg q6-8hr later, then 400mg at 24 and 48h. Prophylaxis - 400mg qWeekly, starting 2 weeks before exposure and continued for 4 weeks after departure from area.
RA: 400-600mg qDay for 4-12 weeks.
AntiparasiticClick to see
HydroxyureaHYDREA, DROXIA, HYDROXYCARBAMIDEPO200, 300, 400 or 500mg capsules.Sickle cell disease: 15mg/kg/day. Titrate by 5mg/kg/day q12Weeks. Max. 35mg/kg/day.AntineoplasticClick to see
IbandronateBONVIVAPO, IVPO: 150mg tablet.
IV: 1mg/mL prefilled syringe (3mL).
PO: 150mg qMonth.
IV: 3mg IV q3Months.
BisphosphonateClick to see
IbuprofenADVIL, MOTRINPO100, 200, 400 (rx), 600 (rx) or 800mg (rx) tablets; 200mg capsules; 50 or 100mg chewable tablets; 100mg/5mL or 40mg/mL oral suspension.200-800mg q6-8hr.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
IcatibantFIRAZYRSC30mg/3mL solution.30mg that may be repeated every 6 hours if response is inadequate (maximum 90mg/day).Selective bradykinin B2 receptor antagonistClick to see
Icosapent ethylVASCEPAPO1g capsules.2 capsules twice a day with food.HypolipidemicClick to see
IdarucizumabPRAXBINDIV2.5g/50mL vial, pack with 2 vials.5g in bolus or in two consecutive 2.5g infusions.Dabigatran antidote, Monoclonal antibodyClick to see
Imipenem/CilastatinPRIMAXINIV250/250mg or 500/500mg powder for injection.1 to 2g/day (divided in 3 or 4 doses).Antibiotic, CarbapenemClick to see
ImipramineTOFRANIL, TOFRANIL-PMPO10, 25 or 50mg tablets; 75, 100, 125 or 150mg capsules.Depression: 75mg PO qDay, may increase to 150mg/day.Tricyclic antidepressantClick to see
Indinavir (IDV)CRIXIVANPO100, 200 or 400mg capsules.800mg PO q8hr.Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
IndomethacinINDOCIN, INDOCIN SR, TIVORBEXPO, PR, IV20, 25, 40 or 50mg capsules; 75mg ER capsule; 25mg/5mL oral suspension; 50mg suppository; 1mg powder for injection.Inflammatory Disorders: 25-50mg PO/PR q8-12hrs (max 200mg/day).Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)Click to see
InfliximabREMICADE, INFLECTRA, INFLIXIMAB-DYYBIV100mg/vial.3-5mg/kg IV at 0, 2, and 6 weeks, then every 8 weeksImmunobiologic, TNF inhibitor, DMARDClick to see
Insulin AspartNOVOLOG, NOVOLOG FLEXPEN, NOVOPEN ECHO, NOVOLOG FLEXTOUCHSC100U/mL injectable solution; 100U/mL, 3mL prefilled syringe.Dosing similar to regular insulin.Insulin - Rapid-actingClick to see
Insulin DegludecTRESIBASC100 U/mL or 200U/mL, 3mL pens.In naive patients, 0.2 to 0.4 U/kg/day is the total insulin dose. 1/2 of that is in basal insuline (long or ultralong acting). Insuline degludec should be administered once a day in a single dose.Ultralong-acting InsulinClick to see
Insulin DetemirLEVEMIR, LEVEMIR FLEXTOUCHSC100U/mL injectable solution; 100U/mL prefilled syringe.Calculate total insulin dose (0.3 to 1U/kg/day). From this total, 2/3 can be used as long acting insulin. It can be given once a day or q12hr.Insulin - Long-actingClick to see
Insulin GlargineLANTUS, TOUJEO, LANTUS SOLOSTAR, BASAGLARSC100unites/mL (Lantus 10mL vial); 100units/mL (Lantus SoloSTAR, Basaglar KwikPen 3mL prefilled pens); 300units/mL (Toujeo, 1.5mL SoloSTAR disposable prefilled pen).2/3 of the total daily insulin should be long acting insulin, once a day.Insulin - Long-actingClick to see
Insulin GlulisineAPIDRA, APIDRA SOLOSTARSC100 units/mL; 100 units/mL prefilled 3mL pen (Solostar)Similar to regular insulin.Insulin - Rapid-actingClick to see
Insulin LisproHUMALOG, HUMALOG KWIKPENSC100units/mL injectable solution (10mL vial); 100 or 200units/mL injectable pen (3mL pen or cartdrige).Calculate total daily insulin (0.5 to 1unit/kg/day). From this total, 1/3 should be short or rapid acting insulin. This amount is then divided by the number of meals (usually 3) and administered before these meals.Insulin - Rapid-actingClick to see
Insulin NPHHUMULIN N, NOVOLIN NSC100units/mL (3 or 10mL vials) injectable suspension.Calculate total insulin daily requirement: 0.2-1U/kg/day.
From this total, 2/3 should be given in the morning (2/3 NPH and 1/3 short acting) and 1/3 at evening (50% each kind).
Insulin - Intermediate-actingClick to see
Insulin RegularHUMULIN R, NOVOLIN R, HUMULIN R U-500SC, IV, IM100U/mL (3 or 10mL vials); 500units/mL (3mL pen or 20mL vials).Calculate total insulin daily requirement: 0.2-1U/kg/day.
From this total, 2/3 should be given in the morning (2/3 NPH and 1/3 short acting) and 1/3 at evening (50% each kind).
Insulin - Short-actingClick to see
Interferon Beta 1bBETASERON, EXTAVIASC0.3mg/vial0.0625mg SC every other day initially. Gradually increase (0.0625mg q2weeks) over 6 weeks to 0.25mg every other day.Multiple Sclerosis treatmentClick to see
Interferon Beta-1aAVONEX, REBIF, REBIF REBIDOSE, AVOSTARTGRIPIM, SCIM: 30mcg/0.5mL prefilled syringe or autoinjector pen (Avonex); 30mcg/vial powder for injection (Avonex).
SC: 8.8mcg/0.2mL or 22mcg/0.5mL prefilled syringe titration pack; 22mcg/0.5mL or 44mcg/0.5mL prefilled syringe (Rebif); 8.8, 22 or 44mcg/syringe autoinjector (Rebif Rebidose).
Avonex: 30mcg IM qWk.
Rebif: 4.4 to 44mcg 3 times/week (start with small dose and increase every 2 weeks).
Multiple Sclerosis treatmentClick to see
IpratropiumATROVENT, ATROVENT HFAIN17mcg/actuation metered-dose inhaler; 0.03% nasal spray; 0.02% nebulized solution.COPD:
Inhaler: 2 actuations q6hr (Max 12/day).
Nebulizer: 2.5mL (500mcg) q6-8hr.
Acute Asthma (Off-label):
Nebulizer: 500mcg q20min for 3 doses, then PRN.
Muscarinic antagonistClick to see
IrbesartanAVAPROPO75, 150 or 300mg tablets.150 to 300mg qDay.Antihypertensive, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
Iron sucroseVENOFERIV20mg (Fe)/mLIron-deficiency anemia in CKD: 100mg of Fe per dialysis session. If not on dialysis, 200mg for 5 doses divided over 14 days.IronClick to see
IsofluraneFORANEIN100 or 250mL solution.Induction: 1.5 to 3%.
Maintenance: 1 to 2.5% with nitrous oxide.
Sedative, Hypnotic, Inhalational anaestheticClick to see
Isosorbide mononitrateIMDUR, MONOKET, ISMOPO10 or 20mg tablets; 30, 60 or 120mg ER tablets.Regular tablets: 5-10mg PO BID initially, maintenance 20mg q12hr.
ER tablets: 30-60mg once a day (may be increased).
Antihypertensive, Vasodilator, AntianginalClick to see
Isosorbide mononitrateIMDUR, MONOKET, ISMOPO10 or 20mg tablets; 30, 60 or 120mg ER tablets.Regular release: 5-20mg BID.
Extended release: 30-60mg daily.
Antihypertensive, Vasodilator, AntianginalClick to see
IsotretinoinCLARAVIS, AMNESTEEM, SOTRETPO10, 20, 30 or 40mg caps.0.5 to 1mg/kg/day orally in 2 divided doses.RetinoidClick to see
ItraconazoleSPORANOX, SPORANOX ORAL SOLUTION, OMNELPO100mg capsule, 10mg/mL oral solution, 200mg tablet.Invasive infections: 200mg PO q8hr for 3 days then 200 to 400mg/day for at least 3 months.
Onychomycosis: 200mg/day for 12 weeks.
AntifungalClick to see
IvabradineCORLANORPO5 or 7.5mg tablets.5 to 7.5mg BID.Funny channel blockerClick to see
KetamineKETALARIV, IM10mg/mL,
50mg/mL or
IV: 1-4.5 mg/kg slow IV once or 0.5-2 mg/kg slow IV if BZD are used OR IM: 6.5-13 mg/kg IM once.
50% of IV induction dose administered PRN OR 0.1-0.5 mg/min IV continuous infusion.
Sedative, Hypnotic, NMDA antagonistClick to see
KetoconazoleNIZORALPO200mg tablets.200 to 400mg qDay.AntifungalClick to see
KetoprofenNEXCEDEPO12.5mg oral film (OTC); 50 or 75mg tablets; 200mg ER capsule.25-50mg PO q6-8hr (Immediate-release).
200mg qDay (ER).
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
KetorolacTORADOLPO, IV, IM10mg tablets; 15mg/mL or 30mg/mL injectable solution; 15mg/mL, 30mg/mL or 60mg/mL syringe.30mg IV/IM q6hr (max 120mg/day).
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)Click to see
LabetalolTRANDATEPO, IVPO: 100, 200 or 300mg tablets.
IV: 5mg/mL injectable solution.
Hypertensive emergency: 20mg IV over 2 minutes, then 40-80mg IV q10min. Alternative: 1-2mg/min, total dose of 300mg max.)
Hypertension: 100mg PO q12hr (Max. 2400mg/day).
Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
Lactobacillus acidophilusACIDOPHILUS, BACID (LAC), FLORAJEN, FLORA-Q, NOVAFLORPO1, 6, 8 or 16 billion colony-forming units capsules.Depends (1 to 4 times a day).ProbioticClick to see
LactuloseENULOSE, KRISTALOSE, CONSTULOSEPO, PRPO: 10 or 20g packets; 10g/15mL oral solution.
PR: 10g/15mL rectal solution.
Constipation: 15-60mL once a day.
Encephalopathy: Prophylaxis: 30-45mL PO q6-8hr, adjusted until 2-3 soft stools/day.
Treatment: 20-30g q1hr to induce defecation. After that, 20-30g q6-8hr.
LaxativeClick to see
Lamivudine (3TC)EPIVIR, EPIVIR HBVPO100, 150 or 300mg tablets; 5 or 10mg/mL oral solution.HIV: 300mg qDay.
Hep. B: 100mg qDay.
Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
Lamivudine / ZidovudineCOMBIVIRPO150mg/300mg tables.1 tablet PO q12hr.Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
LamotrigineLAMICTAL, LAMICTAL XR, LAMICTAL ODTPO25, 100, 150 or 200mg tablets; 2, 5 or 25mg chewable tablets; 25, 50, 100 or 200mg oral-disintegrating tablets; 25, 50, 100, 200, 250 or 300mg ER tablets.Without enzyme-inducing AEDs or valproic-acid:
Start with 25mg qDay for 2 Weeks, then increase another 25mg every 2 weeks (Max. 100-400mg qDay).
With valproic acid: 25mg qDay for 2 weeks then increase 25mg every 2 weeks (Max. 100-400mg/day).
With enzyme-inducing AED: Start with 50mg PO qDay for 2 weeks, then increase 50mg every 2 weeks to Max. 300-500mg/day (divided q12hr).
AnticonvulsivantClick to see
LansoprazolePREVACID, PREVACID SOLU TAB, PREVACID 24HRPO15 or 30mg capsule or tablet; 15 or 30mg oral-disintegrating tablet; 3mg/mL oral suspension.15-30mg qDay.Antacid, Proton pump inhibitor (PPI)Click to see
Lansoprazole / Amoxicilin / ClarithromycinPREPVACPO30mg/500mg (x2)/500mg capsule/capsule/tablet prepack (amoxacilin consists of 2 500mg capsules).Eradication of H. pylori: 30/500(x2)/500mg PO BID for 10-14 days.Proton Pump Inhibitor, AntibioticsClick to see
LeflunomideARAVAPO10, 20 or 100mg tablets.Loading dose 100mg/day/3days, maintenance 20mg/day.Immunosuppressant, DMARDClick to see
LetrozoleFEMARAPO2.5mg tablets.2.5mg qDay.Aromatase inhibitorClick to see
LevetiracetamKEPPRA, KEPPRA XR, SPRITAMPO, IVPO: 250, 500, 750mg or 1g IR tablets (Keppra, generic); 250, 500, 750mg or 1g IR 3D-tablets (Spritam);500 or 750mg ER tablets (Keppra XR); 100mg/mL oral solution (Keppra, generic).
IV: 5, 10, 15 or 100mg/mL injectable solution.
500-1500mg PO q12hr.AnticonvulsivantClick to see
LevofloxacinLEVAQUIN, LEVOFLOXACIN SYSTEMICPO, IVPO: 250, 500 or 750mg tablets; 25mg/mL oral solution.
IV: 250mg/50mL, 500mg/100mL or 750mg/150mL ready to use injection.
750mg qday.Antibiotic, QuinoloneClick to see
LevomepromazineNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Antipsychotic, Neuroleptic, Antiemetic, Hypnotic, Analgesic, PhenothiazineNo
Levonorgestrel / EthinylestradiolALTAVERA, AMETHIA, AVIANE, CAMRESE, LESSINA, PORTIA, NORDETTEPOMultiple dosage formsMultiple schemesOral contraceptiveClick to see
------------Vasoactive Drug, Calcium sensibiliser, InotropicNo
LidocaineLIDOCAINE CV, LIDOPENIV, IO, ET100, 200, 400 or 800mg/100mL infusion solution in D5W; 10 or 20mg/mL injectable solution.Ventricular Arrhythmias: 1-1.5mg/kg slow IV bolus (may be repeated in 5-10 minutes up to 3mg/kg total). Continuous infusion 1-4mg/min IV. Monitor ECG.Antiarrhythmic - Class Ia, Local anestheticClick to see
LinagliptinTRADJENTAPO5MG TABLET.5MG qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, DPP-4 inhibitorClick to see
LinezolidZYVOXIV, POPO: 100mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV: 2mg/mL (100 or 300mL infusion bags) injectable solution.
Vancomycin-resistant organisms: 600mg q12hr.Antibiotic, OxazolidinonesClick to see
LiraglutideVICTOZA, SAXENDASCVictoza: 18mg/3mL (delivers doses of 0.6, 1.2 or 1.8mg).
Saxenda: 18mg/3mL (delivers doses of 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 or 3mg).
DM:0.6mg qDay for 1 week, then 1.2mg qDay (may go to 1.8mg qDay).
Start with 0.6mg qDay then increase 0.6mg weekly until reaching 3mg/day.
Oral hypoglycemic agent, GLP-1 agonistClick to see
LisinoprilPRINIVIL, ZESTRIL, QBRELISPO2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40mg tablets; 1mg/mL oral solution.HT: 10mg to 40mg PO qDay.
HF: 5mg qDay initially, increasing slowly by 5-10mg (q2Weeks) to max of 40mg qDay.
Antihypertensive, ACE inhibitorClick to see
LithiumESKALITH, LITHOBIDPO300 or 450mg ER tablets; 300mg tablets; 150, 300 or 600mg capsules; 8mEq/5mL solution.Bipolar disorder: IR 900-2400mg/day divided q6-8hr OR ER 900-1800mg/day q12hr.
Monitor serum lithium twice a week until serum concentration and clinical condition are stable, then monthly. Desired range for serum lithium: 0.6-1.2mEq/L.
Alkali metal, Mood stabilizerClick to see
------------Erectile dysfunction treatment, PDE5 inhibitorNo
Lopinavir/RitonavirKALETRAPO100mg/25mg or 200mg/50mg tablets; (400mg/100mg)/5mL oral solution.400mg/100mg q12hr.Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
LoratadineCLARITIN, CLARITIN REDITABS, QLEARQUIL ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT 24H ALLERGY RELIEFPO10mg tablets; 5mg chewable tablets; 5 or 10mg disintegrating tablets; 10mg capsules; 5mg/5mL syrup.10mg qDay.AntihistamineClick to see
LorazepamATIVANPO, IV, IMPO: 0.5, 1 or 2mg tablets; 2mg/mL oral concentrate.
IV/IM: 2mg/mL or 4mg/mL injectable solution.
Status epilepticus: 4mg slow IV (2mg/min). If seizure persists, 4mg IV again.
Anxiety disorders: 2-3mg q8-12hr PRN.
Preoperative sedation: 0.05mg/kg IM for 1 dose 1 hr before surgery OR 0.044mg/kg IV for 1 dose 15-20 minutes before surgery.
Benzodiazepine, Anxiolytic, Sedative, HypnoticClick to see
LosartanCOZAARPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25 to 100mg qDay.Antihypertensive, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
Magnesium sulfateGeneric onlyIV, IM40mg/mL, 80mg/mL or 50% injectable solution; 1 or 2g/100mL infusion solution.Toxemia of pregnancy: 4-5g IV PLUS 1-3g/hr IV.
Torsades de Pointes: 1-2g IV slow over 5-60minutes.
Hypomagnesemia: Mild: 1g IM q6hr (4 doses). Severe: 5g IV over 3 hours. Maintenance: 30-60mg/kg/day IV.
Mineral, AntiarrhythmicClick to see
ManidipineNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Antihypertensive, Dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerNo
MannitolOSMITROLIV5, 10, 15, 20 or 25% injectable solution.Cerebral edema: 1.5-2g/kg infused over 30-60 minutes.
Anuria/Oliguria: Test dose: 200mg/kg infused over 3-5 minutes. Load: 500-1000mg/kg for one dose. Maintenance: 250-500mg/kg q4-6hr.
Osmotic diuretic, LaxativeClick to see
Maraviroc (MVC)SELZENTRYPO150 or 300mg tablet.150, 300 or 600mg q12h.CCR5 inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
MebendazoleEMVERMPO100mg chewable tablet.100mg single dose. If not cured, repeat after 3 weeks (for Enterobius);
100mg PO q12hr for 3 days (for Ascaris);
200mg PO q8hr for 5 days (for Giardia).
AntiparasiticClick to see
MeclizineANTIVERT, BONINE, MENI DPO12.5, 25 or 32mg tablets; 25mg chewable tablets.25 to 100mg PO in single dose or divided by q6-12hr.AntivertiginousClick to see
MedroxyprogesteroneDEPOPROVERA, PROVERAPO, IM, SCPO: 2.5, 5 or 10mg tablets.
IM/SC: 150mg/mL or 400mg/mL injectable suspension; 104mg/0.65mL prefilled syringe suspension.
Contraception: 150mg IM or 104mg SC every 3 months.
Amenorrhea or Uterine bleeding: 5-10mg/day. Bleeding expected 3-7days after discontinuing.
Parenteral contraceptiveClick to see
Mefenamic AcidPONSTELPO250mg capsules.500mg once a day or 250mg q6hr.Anti-inflammatoryClick to see
MefloquineLARIAMPO250mg tablets.Malaria prevention: 250mg PO qWeek. Start 1-2 weeks before trip, continue 4 weeks after leaving endemic area.
Acute malaria: 1250mg PO once.
Antiparasitic, AntimalarialClick to see
Meglumine antimoniateNOT AVAILABLE IN US
MeloxicamMOBIC, VIVLODEXPO7.5 or 15mg tablets; 5 or 10mg capsules.7.5 to 15mg qDay.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
MemantineNAMENDA XR, NAMENDAPO5 or 10mg tablets; 7, 14, 21 or 28mg extended-release capsule; 2mg/mL oral solution.5mg initially, increasing by 5mg qWeek up to 20mg qDay (divided BID for the IR tablet).NMDA blockerClick to see
Meperidine (Pethidine)DEMEROLIV, IM, SC, POPO: 50mg/5mL syrup; 50 or 100mg tablets.
IV/IM/SC: 25, 50, 75 or 100mg/mL.
PO: 50 to 100mg q4h as needed.
IV,IM,SC: 25 to 100mg q4h as needed.
Continuous IV: 15 to 35 mg/hr.
OpiateClick to see
MepivacaineCARBOCAINE, POLOCAINE, POLOCAINE-MPFLocal1, 1.5, 2 or 3% injectable solution.Infiltration anesthesia: Up to 400mg. No more than 1000mg/24hr.Local anesthetic, Sodium channel blockerClick to see
MeropenemMERREM IVIV500mg or 1g vial.500mg to 1g q8hr. Max. 2g IV q8hr.Antibiotic, CarbapenemClick to see
MetforminGLUCOPHAGE, GLUCOPHAGE XR, FORTAMET, GLUMETZA, RIOMETPO500, 850 or 1000mg immediate-release tablets; 500 750 or 1000mg extended-release tablets; 100mg/mL oral solution.500mg q12hr (max 2550/day) OR 500-2g ER qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, BiguanideClick to see
MethadoneMETHADOSE, DOLOPHINEPO5 or 10mg tablets; 40mg dispersible tablets; 5 or 10mg/5mL oral solution; 10mg/mL oral concentrate solution.Opioid naive patients pain: 2.5 q8-12hr.
Detoxification: 20-30mg PO once daily. May be decreased by 20% daily as tolerated.
Opiate Click to see
MethotrexateTREXALL, OTREXUP, RASUVOIV, SC, IM, POPO: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 or 15mg tablets.
SC: 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25mg/0.4mL SC autoinjector (Otrexup); 2.5mg/0.05mL (doses between 7.5 and 30mg) SC autoinjector (Rasuvo).
IV/IM: 25mg/mL injectable solution.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Start with 7.5mg PO Weekly (Max. 20mg/Week).Antimetabolic, DMARDClick to see
MethyldopaALDOMETPO250 or 500mg tablets; 250mg/5mL suspension.250mg q8h, to a maximum of 3g/day.Antihypertensive, Alpha-2 agonistClick to see
MethylprednisoloneMEDROL, MEDROL DOSEPAK, DEPOMEDROL, SOLUMEDROLIV, IM, POPO: 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32mg tablets.
IV/IM: 20, 40 or 80mg/mL injectable suspension; 40, 125, 500mg, 1 or 2g powder for injection.
Lupus nephritis (off label): 0.5-1g IV over 1hours for 3 days.Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, Immunosuppressant, AntiemeticClick to see
MetoclopramideREGLAN, METOZOLV ODTIV, IM, POPO: 5 or 10mg tablets; 5mg/5mL or 10mg/10mL syrup; 5 or 10mg dispersible tablets.
IV/IM: 5mg/mL injectable solution.
Gastroparesis: 10mg q6hr.Antiemetic, ProkineticClick to see
MetoprololLOPRESSOR, TOPROL XLPO, IVPO: 25, 50 or 100mg tablet (as tartrate); 25, 50, 100 or 200mg ER tablet (as succinate).
IV: 1mg/mL injectable solution.
MI: 5mg IV up to 3 times, THEN 15 minutes after last IV 50mg PO q6hr for 48hr THEN 50-100mg PO q12hr.
Hypertension: 25-100mg PO qDay (Max 400mg/day).
Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
MetronidazoleFLAGYL, FLAGYL ER, FLAGYL IV RTUIV, POPO: 250 or 500mg tablets; 375mg capsules; 750mg ER tablets.
IV: 500mg/100mL infusion solution.
Anaerobic Bacterial Infections: 7.5 to 15mg/kg IV (MAx. 4g/day) divided q6hr.
Other indications: 250 to 500mg PO BID or TID.
AntibioticClick to see
MicafungineMYCAMINEIV50 or 100mg/vial.150mg/day.AntifungalClick to see
MidazolamVERSEDIV, IM, POPO: 2mg/mL oral syrup.
IV/IM: 1mg/mL; 5mg/mL injectable solution.
Preoperative sedation: 0.5-1mg IV over 2 minutes (May be repeated).
Sedation of Intubated patients: 10-50mcg/kg load, THEN Maintenance of 20-100mcg/kg/hr.
Benzodiazepine, Sedative, HypnoticClick to see
MiglitolGLYSETPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.25mg q8hr at meals. Max. 100mg q8hr.Oral hypoglycemic agent, Alpha-glucosidase inhibitorClick to see
MilrinonePRIMACORIV20mg/100mL or 40mg/200mL infusion solution in D5W; 1mg/mL injectable solution.CHF: 50mcg/kg loading dose, then 0.375-0.75mcg/kg/min IVVasoactive Drug, PDE3 inhibitor, Vasodilator, InotropicClick to see
Mineral OilKONDREMUL PLAINPO100% liquid.15-45mL/day single or divided doses.LaxativeClick to see
MinocyclineDYNACIN, MINOCIN, MINOCIN KI, SOLODYN, XIMINOPO, IVPO: 50, 75 or 100mg tablets/capsules; 45, 55, 65, 80, 90, 105, 115 or 135mg ER tablets.
IV: 100mg/vial.
Acne: 50-100mg PO BID or 1mg/kg ER tablet (SOLODYN) qDay.Antibiotic, Tetracycline, DMARDClick to see
MisoprostolCYTOTECPO, VAGINAL100 or 200mcg tablets.Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis: 100 to 200mcg PO q4-6h.
Induction of labor: 25mcg vaginally then repeat in q3-6h.
Uterotonic, PGE1 analogueClick to see
------------Oral hypoglycemic agent, MeglitinideNo
MontelukastSINGULAIRPO4, 5 or 10mg tablets; packets with 4mg granules.AD: 10mg once a day.
PED: 4 to 5mg once a day..
Leukotriene antagonistClick to see
MorphineMS CONTIN, ASTRAMORPH, DEPODUR, DURAMORPH, INFUMORPH, KADIANIV, IM, SC, PO, PRPO: 15, 30, 60, 100 or 200mg ER tablets (MS CONTIN); 15, 30 or 60 (ARYMO ER or MORPHABOND) or 100mg (MORPHABOND) abuse-deterrent ER tablets; 10, 20, 30, 45, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 100 or 120mg ER capsules (sulfate); 15 or 30mg immediate release tablets; 10 or 20mg/5mL oral solution (sulfate).
IV/SC/IM: 10mg/mL ER injectable liposomal suspension (DEPODUR); 0.5 or 1mg/mL injectable solution (DURAMORPH); 10 or 25mg/mL injectable high potency solution (INFUMORPH); 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 25 or 50mg/mL morphine sulfate injectable solution.
PR: 5, 10, 20 or 30mg suppository.
Acute pain: 10-30mg PO q4hr for the immediate release formations.OpiateClick to see
IV: 400mg/250mL injectable solution.
400mg qDay.Antibiotic, QuinoloneClick to see
MycophenolateCELLCEPT, MYFORTIC, MMFPO, IVPO: 250mg capsule; 500mg tablet; 200mg/mL oral suspension; 180 or 360mg delayed release tablet.
IV: 500mg/vial powder for injection.
1 to 1.5g q12hr.ImmunosuppressantClick to see
NalbuphineNUBAINIV, IM, SC10mg or 20mg/mL.10 to 20mg q6h to q3h, maximum 160mg/day.OpiateClick to see
Nalidixic AcidNEGGRAMPO500mg caplets.AD: 1g q6hr
PED: 55mg/kg/day (/q6hr).
Antibiotic, QuinoloneClick to see
NaloxoneEVZIO, NARCANIV, IM, SC, NASAL0.4 mg/1 mL vial, 4mg nasal spray (single dose)Initial dose: 0.4 mg to 2 mg IV; alternatively, may give IM or subcutaneously
-If desired response is not obtained, doses should be repeated at 2 to 3 minute intervals.
-If no response is observed with a total dose of 10 mg, the diagnosis of opioid-induced or partial opioid-induced toxicity should be questioned.
Auto-injector: For emergency use in the home or other non-medical setting
-Administer 0.4 mg (1 actuation) IM or subcutaneously into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh (through clothing if necessary).
-If desired response is not achieved, a second dose may be administered after 2 or 3 minutes.
Nasal Spray:
-Administer 1 spray intranasally into 1 nostril.
-If desired response is not achieved after 2 or 3 minutes, give a second dose intranasally into alternate nostril.
Opiate Inverse Agonist, Antidote - OpiatesClick to see
NaltrexoneREVIA, VIVITROLPO, IM50mg tablet; 380mg microspheres for IM injection.Opioid Dependence:
25 mg PO initially, then observation for 1 hr, then 50 mg once daily starting on day 2; flexible dosing regimens can be employed to accommodate patient convenience or ensure compliance OR 380mg IM every 4 weeks.
Alcohol dependence:
PO: 50 mg once daily for ≤12 weeks
IM: 380 mg in gluteal muscle every 4 weeks for maintenance of abstinence.
Opiate antagonistClick to see
Nandrolone DecanoateNOT AVAILABLE IN US
NaproxenALEVE, FLANAX, NAPROSYNPO250, 375 or 500mg tablet; 125mg/5mL suspension.250 to 500mg b.i.d.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)Click to see
NaratriptanAMERGPO1 or 2.5mg tablets.1-2.5mg at onset (Max. 5mg/day).Antimigraine, TriptanClick to see
NatalizumabTYSABRIIV300mg/15mL injectable solution.MS and Crohn: 300mg IV over 1hr q4Weeks.Immunobiologic, Anti Alfa-4-Integrin antibody, Multiple Sclerosis treatmentClick to see
NateglinideSTARLIXPO60 or 120mg tablets.60-120mg PO q8hr. Take 1-30 minutes before meals.Oral hypoglycemic agent, MeglitinideClick to see
NebivololBYSTOLICPO2.5, 5 or 10mg tablets.Hypertension: 5mg/day, Max. 40mg/day.Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
Nelfinavir (NFV)VIRACEPTPO250 or 625 tablets; 50mg/1g scoopful oral powder for suspension.750mg PO q8hr OR 1250mg PO q12hr.Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
NeostigminePROSTIGMIE, BLOXIVERZSC, IM, IV, POPO: 15mg tablets.
SC/IM/IV: 0.5 or 1mg/mL injectable solution.
Acute MG: 0.5-2.5mg qDay. Maintenance 15-375mg/day PO divided q6-8hrs.Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, Neuromuscular blocker antidoteClick to see
NesiritideNATRECORIV1.5mg/vial2mcg/kg bolus followed by 0.01mcg/kg/min infusion.
Recombinant BNPClick to see
Nevirapine (NVP)VIRAMUNE, NVP, POoral suspension:
50mg/5mL (240mL);
tablet, immediate-release:
tablet, extended-release:
200mg qDay for 14 days, then 200mg q12hr.Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
NiacinNIACOR, NIASPANPO50, 100, 250 or 500mg tablets; 250, 500, 750 or 1000mg extended-release tablets; 250 or 500mg extended-release capsules.Hyperlipidemia: 250mg qDay to 1.5g q6-8hr (max 6g/day).Hypolipidemic, VitaminClick to see
NicardipineCARDENE, CARDENE IV, CARDENE SRPO, IVPO: 20 or 30mg capsules; 30, 45 or 60mg ER capsules.
IV: 20 or 40mg/200mL infusion solution; 2.5mg/mL injectable solution.
PO: 20-40mg q8hr (or 30-60mg ER q12hr).
IV: 5mg/hr (Max. 15mg/hr).
Antihypertensive, Dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerClick to see
NifedipinePROCARDIA, PROCARDIA XL, ADALAT CC, NIFEDICAL XL, AFEDITAB CR, NIFEDIAC CCPO10 or 20mg capsules; 30, 60 or 90mg ER tablets.10 to 20 mg PO q8hr (conventional) or 30-60 mg PO once daily (ER) initially.Antihypertensive, Dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerClick to see
NimesulideNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)No
NimodipineNIMOTOP, NYMALIZEPO30mg capsule; 60mg/20mL oral solution.60mg q4hr for 21 days.Dihydropyridine Calcium channel blocker, Profilaxia Vasoespasmo HSAClick to see
------------Immunobiologic, EGFR inhibitorNo
NitazoxanideALINIAPO500mg tablets; 100mg/5mL oral suspension.500mg q12hr x 3 days.AntiparasiticClick to see
NitrofurantoinMACROBID, MACRODANTIN, FURADANTINPO25, 50 or 100mg capsules macrocrystals; 100mg capsule monohydrate; 25mg/5mL oral suspension.UTI: Macrocrystals: 50-100mg q6hr. Monohydrate: 100mg q12hr.AntibioticClick to see
NitroglycerinTRIDIL, NITROBID, GLYCERYL TRINITRATEIV25, 50 or 100mg/250mL infusion solution; 5mg/mL injectable solution.5-20mcg/minAntihypertensive, Vasodilator, AntianginalClick to see
Nitroprusside sodiumNIPRIDE, NITROPRESSIV25mg/mL injectable solution.Hypertensive emergency: Start with 0.25-0.3mcg/kg/min and increase slowly until reaching desired results (usual range 3-4mcg/kg/min).Antihypertensive, VasodilatorClick to see
NivolumabOPDIVOIV40mg/4mL, 100mg/10mL IV solutionSingle agent for melanoma: 240mg IV q2wk (infused over 1h).Anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody Click to see
NorepinephrineLEVARTERENOL, LEVOPHEDIV1mg/mL injectable solution.Acute hypotension: 8-12mcg/min, maintenance 2-4mcg/min.Vasoactive Drug, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1 and Beta-3 agonist.Click to see
NorfloxacinNOROXIN, NORFLOXACIN SYSTEMICPO400mg tablets.400mg q12hr.Antibiotic, QuinoloneClick to see
NortriptylinePAMELOR, AVENTYLPO10, 25, 50 or 75mg capsules; 10mg/5mL oral solution.25mg PO q6-8hr.Tricyclic antidepressantClick to see
Obeticholic acidOCALIVAPO5 or 10mg tablets.Primary Biliary Cholangitis: 5 to 10mg PO qDayBile acid analogueClick to see
OcrelizumabOCREVUS - NOT YET ON THE MARKET------------Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody, Multiple Sclerosis treatmentNot Yet
OctreotideSANDOSTATINSC, IV, IMIV/SC: 50, 100, 500, 200 or 1000mcg solution.
IM: 10, 20 or 30mg susp.
Acromegaly: 50mcg t.i.d., increasing according to IGF-I or GH levels.
Carcinoid Tumors: 100 to 600mcg/day (q6h or q12h).
VIPomas: 200 to 300mcg/day (q6h to q12h).
Somatostatin analogueClick to see
OfatumumabARZERRAIV100mg/5mL, 1000mg/50mL single-use vials.Untreated CLL: 300mg on day 1, followed by 1000mg on day 8 (Cycle 1), AFTER that 1000mg on day 1 of subsequent 28 day cycles for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 cycles.Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodyClick to see
OlanzapineZYPREXA, ZYPREXA RELPREVV, ZYPREXA ZYDISPO, IMPO: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 or 20mg tablets; 5, 10, 15 or 20mg orally disintegrating tablets.
IM: 10mg short acting injection; 210, 300 or 405mg extended-release suspension vials.
Agitation: 10mg IM (short acting). Consider lower doses in geriatric patients. Max .30mg/day.
Schizophrenia: 5-10mg PO day (Max. 20mg/day).
Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
OmalizumabXOLAIRSC150mg/1.2mL powder for injection.150-375mg SC q2-4Weeks.Immunobiologic, IgE inhibitor Click to see
Ombitasvir / Paritaprevir / Ritonavir & DasabuvirVIEKIRA PAK, VIEKIRA XRPOViekira Pak: Tablet with Ombistasvir / Paritaprevir / Ritonavir 12.5/75/50mg + Tablet with Dasabuvir 250mg.
Viekira XR: Single tablets with all 4 medications, 8.33/50/33.33/200mg.
Chronic Hep. C: Viekira XR: 3 tablets qDay with a meal.
Viekira Pak: 2 tablets of the three drugs once a day plus one tablet of dasabuvir BID with a meal.
Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
OmeprazolePRILOSEC, PRILOSEC OTCPO2.5 or 10mg packets; 2mg/mL suspension; 20mg delayed-release tablets; 10, 20 or 40mg delayed release capsules.GERD: 20mg PO qDay for 4 weeks.
Duodenal Ulcer: 20mg qDay for 4-8 Weeks.
Antacid, Proton pump inhibitor (PPI)Click to see
OndansetronZOFRAN, ZOFRAN ODT, ZUPLENZIV, POPO: 4, 8 or 24mg tablets; 4mg/5mL oral solution; 4 or 8mg soluble film; 4 or 8mg disintegrating tablets.
IV: 2mg/mL injectable solution.
Hyperemesis: Up to 10mg IV q8hr.
Pruritus (cholestatic or uremic): 8mg divided q8-12hr.
AntiemeticClick to see
Opium tincturePAREGORICPO2mg/5mL or 50mg/5mL oral liquid.Acute diarrhea: 2-6mg q6hr.OpiateClick to see
OrlistatALLI, XENICALPO60 or 120mg capsules.60-120mg PO q8hr with each meal.Pancreatic lipase inhibitor, LaxativeClick to see
OseltamivirTAMIFLUPO30, 45 or 75mg capsules; 6mg/mL powder for oral suspension.Influenza Prophylaxis: 75mg PO qDay for at least 10 days.
Treatment: 75mg q12hr for 5 days.
AntiviralClick to see
OxacilinBACTOCILLIV, IM1g/50mL or 2g/50mL infusion solution; 1, 2 or 10g powder for injection.500mg to 2g IV/IM q4-6hr based on severity of infection.Antibiotic, PenicilinClick to see
OxicodoneOXYCONTINPO10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80mg tablets.10mg q12h. Can increase based on response.OpiateClick to see
Oxycodone / AcetaminophenPERCOCET, TYLOX, PRIMLEV, ROXICET, ENDOCET, XARTEMIS XRPO2.5mg/325mg, 5mg/300mg, 5mg/325mg, 7.5mg/300mg, 7.5mg/325mg, 10mg/300mg or 10mg/325mg tablets; (5mg/325mg)/5mL oral solution; 7.5mg/325mg ER tablets.Acute severe pain: 2.5-5mg of oxycodone q6hr. Max. 4g/day. ER formulation: q12hr.Analgesic, OpiateClick to see
OxymetholoneANADROL-50PO50mg tablets.1-5mg/kg qDay for 3-6 months.HormoneClick to see
To prepare: Dilute 10U in 1000mL (resulting in 10mU/mL solution).
Labor induction: 1 to 2mU/min.
Postpartum bleeding: 10U IM.
Uterotonic, Hormone, NeuropeptideClick to see
PalivizumabSYNAGISIM100mg/mL powder for reconstitution15mg/kg IM qMonth during RSV season.Immunobiologic, Inhibitor of the F protein from the Syncytial respiratory virusClick to see
PamidronateAREDIAIV30mg powder for reconstitution; 3, 6 or 9mg/mL injection solution as disodium.Hypercalcemia: 60-90mg single dose IV infusion over 2-24hrs.BisphosphonateClick to see
PancuroniumPAVULONIV1 or 2mg/mL injectable solution.Intubation: Bolus 0.06-0.1mg/kg.
Anesthesia: Load 0.04-0.1mg/kg, maintenance 0.015-0.1mg/kg IV q30-60min OR continuous infusion 0.1mg/kg/hr.
Non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockerClick to see
PantoprazolePROTONIXIV, POPO: 40mg/packet; 20 or 40mg delayed-release tablet.
IV: 40mg/vial powder for injection.
GERD: 40mg qDay.
Zollinger-Ellison: 80mg q8-12hr.
Antacid, Proton pump inhibitor (PPI)Click to see
PapaverinePARATIME SRIV, IM30mg/mL injectable solution.Arterial spasm: 30-65mg, may be repeated in 3 hours.AntispasmodicClick to see
ParoxetinePAXIL, BRISDELLE, PAXIL CR, PEXEVAPO10, 20, 30 or 40mg tablets; 12.5, 25 or 37.5mg ER tablets; 7.5mg capsules; 10mg/5mL oral suspension.Depression: Start with 20mg qDay. May be increased Weekly by 10mg. Max. 50mg/day.Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)Click to see
Peginterferon Alfa-2aPEGASYS, PEGASYS PROCLICKSC180mcg/mL vial for single use; 180mcg/0.5mL prefilled syringe for single use; 135 or 180mcg/0.5mL autoinjector for single use.180mcg SC weekly.Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
Peginterferon Alfa-2bPEG INTRON, PEGINTRON RADIPEN, SYLATRONSC50, 80, 120 or 150mcg prefilled pen/vial (PEG INTRON); 296, 444 or 888mcg/vial (SYLATRON).Hep. C: 1.5mcg/kg/Week SC (Max. 150mcg/Week).
Melanoma (Sylatron): 6mcg/kg/week for 8 doses THEN 3mcg/kg/week for up to 5 years.
Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
Peginterferon Beta-1aPLEGRIDYSC63 and 94mcg/0.5mL starter pack or 125mcg/0.5mL prefilled syringe; 63 and 94mcg/0.5mL starter pack or 125mcg/0.5mL prefilled pen autoinjector.Administer SC q2Weeks.
Day 1: 63mcg.
Day 15: 94mcg
Day 29 and after (q2Weeks) 125mcg.
Multiple Sclerosis TreatmentClick to see
PegloticaseKRYSTEXXAIV8mg/mL vial.8mg q2Weeks.Recombinant porcine-like uricaseClick to see
Penicillin G Aqueous (Crystalline penicillin)PFIZERPEN, CRYSTAPENIV1, 2 or 3 million U/50mL premixed injectable solution; 5 or 20 million U/vial potassium powder injectable solution; 5 million U/vial sodium powder for injectable solution.12-20 million U/day (divided q4-6hr).Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
Penicillin G BenzathineBICILLIN LA, PERMAPENIM600.000 U/1mL syringe; 1.2 million U/2mL or 2.4 million U/4mL syringe.Streptococcal Infections: 1.2 million U.
Syphilis: Early: 2.4 million U once. Late: 2.4 million U qWeek (x3).
Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
Penicillin G ProcaineGeneric onlyIM600.000U/1mL or 1.2 million U/2mL syringes.600.000-1.2 million U qDay.Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
Penicillin VKPEN VEE K, PENICILLIN V, VEETIDSPO250 or 500mg tablets; 125 or 250mg/5mL oral solution.Pharyngitis: 500mg PO q12hr or 250mg PO q6hr.
Erysipelas: 500mg PO q6hr.
Antibiotic, Beta-lactams PenicilinClick to see
PentobarbitalNEMBUTALIV, IM50mg/mL.To induce coma: 10-15mg/kg over 30 minutes, followed by 5mg/kg q1hr for 3 doses. Maintenance: 1 to 4mg/kg/h.
Hypnotic: 100mg IV or 150-200mg IM. Small increments may be given every 1 minute (max 500mg).
Sedative, Hypnotic, BarbiturateClick to see
PhenelzineNARDILPO15mg tablets.Initial 15mg q8hr, increase not to exceed 20-30mg q8hr.Antidepressant MAO inhibitorClick to see
PhenobarbitalLUMINAL, SOLFOTONPO, IV, IMPO: 15, 16, 30, 32, 60, 64.8, 65 or 100mg tablets; 20mg/5mL elixir.
IV/IM: 30, 60, 65 or 130mg/mL.
Status epilepticus: 15-18mg/kg IV loading dose at 25-60mg/min. May repeat in 20 minute intervals (Max. 30mg/kg).
Seizures: 1-3mg/kg/day in 2 divided doses.
AnticonvulsivantClick to see
PhentolamineORAVERSE, REGITINEIV, IM5mg powder for injection; 0.4mg/1.7mL injectable solution.Pheochromocytoma diagnosis: 5mg (positive if SBP decrease >35mmHg or DBP > 25mmHg).Alpha antagonistClick to see
PhenylephrineVAZCULEPIV, SC, IM10mg/mL injectable solution.Mild to Moderate Hypotension: 2-5mg IM or SC.
Severe Hypotension or Shock: 100-180mcg increments IV bolus, then 40-60mcg/min continuous IV infusion.
Vasoactive Drug, Decongestant, Alpha agonist-1Click to see
PhenytoinDILANTIN, DILANTIN 125, PHENYTEKPO, IV, IMPO: 30 or 100mg immediate-release capsules; 100, 200 or 300mg ER capsules; 50mg chewable tablets; 125mg/5mL oral suspension.
IV/IM: 50mg/mL injectable solution.
IV/IM: 50mg/mL sol, 5mL por ampola.
Status epilepticus: Load 10-15mg/kg IV THEN maintenance 100mg IV/PO q6-8hr. Max. speed IV: 50mg/min.
Anticonvulsant: 100-200mg TID (start with low doses).
AnticonvulsivantClick to see
PioglitazoneACTOSPO15, 30 or 45mg tablets.15-45mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, ThiazolidinedioneClick to see
Piperacillin / TazobactamZOSYNIV2g/250mg, 3g/375mg, 4g/500mg or 36g/4.5g vials.3.375 to 4.5g q6hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
PiroxicamFELDENEPO10 or 20mg capsules.20mg BID.Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicClick to see
Polymyxin BGENERIC ONLYIV, IM500.000 units/vial powder for injection15.000/25.000units/kg/day divided q12hr.AntibioticClick to see
PralidoximePROTOPAMIV, SC, IM1g vial.Organophosphate poisoning:
1-2g IV in 15-30 minutes. Repeat in 1h if necessary.
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor Toxicity:
30mg/kg (IV, IM or SC) over 20min, followed by 4-8mg/kg/h IV infusin.
Acetylcholinesterase activator, Organophosphate antidoteClick to see
PramlintideSYMLIN, SYMLIN PENSCinjectable solution:

DM Type 1: Start with 15mcg SC before meals. Increase by 15mcg every q3Days if no nausea. If using, reduce postprandial short-acting insulin dose by 50%.
DM Type 2: 60mcg SC prior meals. May be increased to 120mcg if no nausea.
Oral hypoglycemic agent, Amylin analogueClick to see
PrasugrelEFFIENTPO5 or 10mg tablets.ACS: 60mg loading dose, followed by 10mg/day.Platelet antiaggregantClick to see
PravastatinPRAVACHOLPO10, 20, 40 or 80mg tablets.10 to 40mg qDay.Hypolipidemic, StatinClick to see
PraziquantelBILTRICIDEPO600mg tablets.75mg/kg TID (number of days depends on the infection).AntiparasiticClick to see
PrazosinMINIPRESSPO1, 2 or 5mg tablets.Start with 1mg (at night), increase slowly to up to 15mg/day (max), , divided in 3.Antihypertensive, Alpha-1 blocker, BPH treatmentClick to see
PrednisoneDELTASONE, RAYOS, PREDNISONE INTENSOL, STERAPRED, STERAPRED DSPO1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 50mg tablets; 1, 2 or 5mg delayed-release tablets; 5mg/5mL oral solution; 5mg/mL concentrate.5-60mg/day in single doses or divided q6-12hr. Remember to taper doses before discontinuing.Corticosteroids, Anti-inflammatory, ImmunosuppressantClick to see
PregabalinLYRICAPO25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 225 or 300mg capsules; 20mg/mL oral solution.Diabetic Neuropathy: 50mg q8hr. May be increased later to 100mg q8hr.Anticonvulsivant, GABA analogue, Neuropaty treatmentClick to see
PrimaquineN/APO26.3mg tablets (15mg base primaquine).1 tablet/day.Antiparasitic, AntimalarialClick to see
PrimidoneMYSOLINEPO50 or 250mg tablets.Start with 100mg once at night then increase every 3 days up to max 250mg TID-QID.AnticonvulsivantClick to see
ProcainamidePRONESTYLIV, IM100 or 500mg/mL injection solution.Arrhythmia: IV: Loading 100-200mg/dose over 30 min (may repeat as need q5min, mas 1g). Mainenance: 1-4g/min.Antiarrhythmic - Class IaClick to see
PromethazinePHENERGAN, PHENADOZPO, IM, IV, PRPO: 12.5, 25 or 50mg tablets; 6.25/5mL syrup.
IV/IM: 25 or 50mg/mL injectable solution.
PR: 12.5, 25 or 50mg suppository.
Nausea & Vomiting: 12.5-25mg q4-6hr PRN.Antihistamine, Antiemetic, Antipsychotic, Sedative, Anticholinergic, PhenothiazineClick to see
PropafenoneRYTHMOL, RYTHMOL SRPO150, 225 or 300mg tablets; 225, 325 or 425mg ER capsules.AFib or Flutter: 150mg PO q8hr (Max. 300mg q8hr) OR q12hr for the ER capsule.Antiarrhythmic - Class IcClick to see
PropanthelinePRO BANTHINEPO15mg tablet.Peptic ulcer: 15mg PO q8hr.AntimuscarinicClick to see
PropatylnitrateNOT AVAILABLE IN US
------------Antihypertensive, Vasodilator, AntianginalNo
PropofolDIPRIVANIV10mg/mL emulsão, 10 ou 20mL frascos.
Diluição para BIC: Produzir solução de 2mg/mL.
Induction: 40mg
Maintenance: 0.05 to 0.2mg/kg/min.
Start: 0.005mg/kg/min.
Maintenance: 0.005 to 0.05/mg/kg/min.
Sedative, Hypnotic, GABA agonist, Sodium channel blockerClick to see
PropranololINDERAL, HEMANGEOL, INNOPRANPO, IV10, 20, 40, 60 or 80mg tablets; 60, 80, 120 or 160mg extended-release capsules; 20mg/5mL or 40mg/5mL oral solution; 1mg/mL injectable solution.Hypertension
Immediate release
40 mg PO q12h, increasing every 7 days up to a maintenance dose of 80-240 mg PO q8-12h. Max 640 mg/day

Supraventricular Arrhythmia
PO: 10-30 mg q6-8hr
IV: 1-3 mg at 1 mg/min initially; repeat q2-5min to total of 5 mg.

Migraine Prophylaxis
80 mg/day (max 240mg/day) PO divided q6-8h.
Antihypertensive, Beta blocker, Antiarrhythmic - Class IIClick to see
ProtamineGeneric onlyIV10mg/mL IV solution.1-1.5mg per 100U of heparin. Max. 50mg. Monitor APTT 15min after dose, then q2-8hr.Heparin antidoteClick to see
Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, Human (4F-PCC)KCENTRAIV500 or 1000 units/vial. (25 units/mL after reconstitution).INR 2-4 = 25units/kg (max 2500U); INR 4-6 = 35units/kg (max 3500U); INR >6 = 50units/kg (max 5000U).
Speed: 0.12mL/kg/min (~3 units/kg/min) up to 8.4 mL/min (~210 units/min).
Antidote to Vitamin K AntagonistsClick to see
Pseudoephedrine/FexofenadineALLEGRA D, ALLEGRA D12h, ALLEGRA D 24hPO120mg/60mg ER tablet (12h); 240mg/180mg ER tablet (24hr).
240/180mg qDay or 120/60mg q12hr.Antihistamine, DecongestantClick to see
Pyrantel PamoateASCAREL, PIN-X, REESE’S PINWORM MEDICINEPO250mg/5mL suspension; 62.5mg capsule; 250mg chewable tablet.Enterobiasis: 11mg/kg. Repeat after 2 weeks.
Ancylostoma: 11mg/kg/day for 3 days.
AntiparasiticClick to see
PyridostigmineMESTINON, REGONOLPO, IV60mg tablets; 180mg controlled release tablets; 60mg/5mL syrup. IV: 5mg/mL injectable solution.Myasthenia: 600mg/day (divided in doses).
Reversal of Muscle Relaxants: 0.1-0.25mg/kg/dose.
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitorClick to see
PyrimethamineDARAPRIMPO25mg tablets.Toxoplasmosis: 50-75mg qDay for 1-3 Weeks then 25-37.5mg qDay for 4-5 Weeks.
PCP: 50-75mg once/week (+dapsone).
Antiparasitic, AntimalarialClick to see
QuetiapineSEROQUEL, SEROQUEL XRPO25, 50, 100, 200, 300 or 400mg tablets; 50, 150, 200, 300 or 400mg ER tablets.50-750mg/day (divided q12hr), start with low dose (50mg), increase gradually.Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
QuinidineQUINIDEXPO200 or 300mg tablets.
200 to 400mg q4h to q8h.Antiarrhythmic - Class IaClick to see
Quinupristin / DalfopristinSYNERCIDIV500mg total both (150mg/350mg)/vial powder for solution.7.5mg/kg IV q8-12hr.Antibiotic, StreptograminClick to see
RaloxifeneEVISTAPO60mg tablets.60mg qDay.Estrogen modulatorClick to see
Raltegravir (RAL)ISENTRESSPO400mg film-coated tablets.400mg BID.Integrase inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
RamiprilALTACEPO1.25, 2.5, 5 or 10mg capsules.2.5 to 20mg qDay (large doses divided q12hr).Antihypertensive, ACE inhibitorClick to see
RanitidineZANTAC, ZANTAC 150 MAXIMUM STRENGTH, ZANTAC 75IV, IM, POPO: 75, 150 or 300mg tablets; 150 or 300mg capsules; 15mg/mL syrup.
IV/IM: 25mg/mL
150mg q12hr.Antacid, H2 inhibitorClick to see
RanolazineRANEXAPO500 or 1000mg tablets.500 to 1000mg twice daily.AntianginalClick to see
RasburicaseELITEKIV1.5 or 7.5mg vials.Recombinant urate oxidase enzymeHyperuricemia Caused by Tumor Lysis: 0.2 mg/kg IV infused over 30 minutes qDay for up to 5 days.Click to see
RemifentanilULTIVAIV1, 2 or 5mg/vial.Anesthesia Induction: 0.5-1mcg/kg/min IV until after intubation. Maintenance: 0.25-0.5mcg/kg/min.
Conscious Analgesia: 1mcg/kg bolus followed by 0.05-0.2mcg/kg/min.
OpiateClick to see
RepaglinidePRANDINPO0.5, 1 or 2mg tablets.Start with 0.5mg 15 minutes before meal. May be increased to no more than 16mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, MeglitinideClick to see
RibavirinREBETOL, RIBASPHERE, RIBAPAK, COPEGUS, VIRAZOLE, MODERIBAPO, INPO: 200, 400 or 600mg tablets; 40mg/mL oral solution.
IN: 6g/vial inhalation solution.
Hep. C: In combination with peginterferon alfa-2a: 800-1200mg/day depending on weight and genotype.Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
Rilpivirine (RPV)EDURANTPO25mg tablets.25mg PO qDay.Non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
RisedronateACTONEL, ATELVIAPO5, 30, 35 or 150mg tablets; 35mg delayed release tablet.5mg qDay OR 35mg/week OR 75mg/day for two days once a month OR 150mg once a month.BisphosphonateClick to see
RisperidoneRISPERDAL, RISPERDAL CONSTA, RISPERDAL M-TABPO, IMPO: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3 or 4mg tablets; 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3 or 4mg orally disintegrating tablets; 1mg/mL oral solution.
IM: 12.5, 25, 37.5 or 50mg powder for injection.
2mg/day (Max. effectiveness around 4-8mg/day, divided q12hr).Antipsychotic, NeurolepticClick to see
Ritonavir (RTV)NORVIRPO100mg capsule; 100mg tablet; 100mg oral solution.300 to 600mg q12hr.Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
RituximabRITUXANIV10mg/mLRheumatoid Arthritis: 1000mg IV every two weeks, two doses. Repeat course q24weeks if needed.Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodyClick to see
RivaroxabanXARELTOPO10, 15 or 20mg tablets.Nonvalvular AFib: 20mg/day with the evening meal.
DVT or PE treatment: 15mg PO q12hr for 21 days with food, THEN 20mg PO qDay for 6 months.
AnticoagulantClick to see
RivastigmineEXELON, EXELON PATCHPO, TDPO: 1.5, 3, 4.5 or 6mg capsules.
TD: 4.6, 9.5 or 13.3mg/24hr transdermal patch.
PO: Start with 1.5mg q12hr. May be increased by 1.5mg/dose q2Weeks to a max 6mg PO q12hr.Acetylcholinesterase inhibitorClick to see
RizatriptanMAXALTPO5 or 10mg tablets.Acute migraine: 5-10 mg PO at onset of symptoms; repeat dose after 2 hours if necessary; max. 30 mg/24 hrAntimigraine, TriptanClick to see
RocuroniumZEMURONIV10mg/mL (5 & 10mL vials)Intubation: 0.45-0.6 mg/kg IV
Maintenance: 0.1-0.2 mg/kg IV repeat PRN OR
Continuous infusion: 0.01-0.012 mg/kg/min IV
Non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockerClick to see
------------Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicNo
RopivacaineNAROPINLocal, Regional, Intra-Articular, Peridural2, 5, 7.5 or 10mg/mL injectable solution.Epidural: 75-200mg.Local anesthetic, Sodium channel blockerClick to see
RosiglitazoneAVANDIAPO2 or 4mg tablets.4mg qDay or divided q12hr. May be increased to 8mg/day after 8-12weeks.Oral hypoglycemic agent, ThiazolidinedioneClick to see
RosuvastatinCRESTORPO5, 10, 20 or 40mg tablets.10 to 40mg/day.Hypolipidemic, StatinClick to see
Saccharomyces boulardiiFLORASTORPOcapsules.1 capsule PO BID.ProbioticClick to see
Sacubitril / ValsartanENTRESTOPO24mg/26mg, 49mg/51mg or 97mg/103mg tablets.Start with low dose BID and increase to maximum dose BID (97/103) after 4 weeks as tolerated.Antihypertensive, Neprilysin inhibitor, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
Saquinavir (SQV)INVIRASEPO200mg capsules; 500mg tablets.HIV: 500mg PO q12hr, increased to 1000mg q12hr after 7 days (+ ritonavir).Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
SaxagliptinONGLYZAPO2.5 or 5mg tablets.2.5-5mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, DPP-4 inhibitorClick to see
ScopolamineTRANSDERM SCOP, SCOPACE, MALDEMARTD1mg/72hr transdermal patch.Motion Sickness: Apply 1 patch behind ear before exposure to motion.Antispasmodic, AnalgesicClick to see
SelegilineELDEPRYL, ZELAPARPO1.25 or 5mg tablet/capsule.5mg at breakfast and 5mg at lunch.Antidepressant, MAO inhibitorClick to see
SemaglutideNOT AVAILABLE YET (NOV 2016)------------Oral hypoglycemic agent, GLP-1 agonistNo
SevelamerRENAGEL, RENVELAPO400 or 800mg tablets; 800 or 2400mg packets.Hyperphosphatemia: 800 to 1600mg q8hr.
Maintenance: 400 to 800mg per meal.
Phosphate chelatorClick to see
SevofluraneULTANE, SOJOURNIN100% liquid.1.7% to 2.6% (plus oxygen) or lower doses with NO2.Sedative, Hypnotic, Inhalational anaestheticClick to see
SildenafilVIAGRA, REVATIOPO, IVPO: 25, 50 or 100mg tablets (Viagra); 10mg/mL oral suspension; 20mg tablets (Revatio).
IV: 10mg/12.5mL injectable solution.
Erectile Dysfunction: 25 to 100mg 1hr before sexual act.
Pulmonary Hypertension: 5mg-20mg PO TID OR 2.5mg-10mg IV TID.
Erectile dysfunction treatment, PDE5 inhibitorClick to see
SimeprevirOLYSIOPO150mg capsules.Hep. C: 150mg qDay (+ interferon alfa and ribavirin OR sofosbuvir).Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
SimeprevirOLYSIOPO150mg capsule.150mg once a day (may be associated with sofosbuvir or IFN)Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
SimethiconeMYLICON, PHAZYME, GAS X EXTRA STRENGHT, GAS X SOFTGELS, ST. JOSEPH INFANT`S GAS RELIEFPO80 or 125mg tablet; 125 or 180mg capsule; 80 or 125mg chewable tablet; 20mg/0.3mL oral liquid; 20mg/0.3mL or 40mg/0.6mL oral suspension; 40 or 62.5mg orally disintegrating strip.40-360mg PO q6hr after meals (Max. 500mg/day).Anti-foaming agentClick to see
SimvastatinZOCORPO5, 10, 20, 40 or 80mg tablets.5-40mg qDay in the evening.Hypolipidemic, StatinClick to see
SitagliptinJANUVIAPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.100mg qDay.Oral hypoglycemic agent, DPP-4 inhibitorClick to see
Sodium Polystyrene SulfonateKAYEXELATEPO, RECTAL15g/60mL oral or rectal suspension.PO: 15g once a day or q6-12h.
Rectal: 30-50g q6h.
Ion-exchange resinClick to see
SofosbuvirSOVALDIPO400mg tablets.400mg once a day, from 12 to 24 weeks. May be associated with ribavarin and IFN.Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
Sofosbuvir / LedipasvirHARVONIPO90mg/400mg tablets.1 tablet qDay for 12 to 24 weeks.Antiviral, Hepatitis C treatmentClick to see
SotalolBETAPLACE, BETAPLACE AF, SORINE, SOTYLIZEPO, IVPO: 80, 120, 160 or 240mg tablets; 5mg/mL oral solution.
IV: 15mg/mL injectable solution.
Arrhythmias: 80mg PO q12hr that may be increased to 120-160mg q12hr OR 75mg IV over 5hr (Max. 150mg q12hr), monitor QTc.Antiarrhythmic - Class II and IIIClick to see
SpironolactoneALDACTONEPO25, 50 or 100mg tablets.CHF: 12.5-25mg PO qDay.
Hirsutism: 50-200mg PO qDay or divided q12hr
Antihypertensive, DiureticClick to see
Stavudine (d4T)ZERITPO15, 20, 30 or 40mg capsules; 1mg/mL oral solution (200mL). <60 kg: 30 mg PO q12hr.
≥60 kg: 40 mg PO q12hr.
Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
StreptomycinN/AIM1g powder for injection.1-2g/day IM, divided q6-12hr.Antibiotic, AminoglycosideClick to see
Succinylcholine (Suxamethonium)QUELICIN, ANECTINEIV, IM20mg/mL or 100mg/mLLoad: 0.3-1.1 mg/kg IV x1 dose, OR 3-4 mg/kg IM x1 dose
0.04-0.07 mg/kg IV q5-10min PRN OR
2.5 mg/min IV infusion.
Depolarizing neuromuscular blocker, LeptocurareClick to see
SulfadiazinaGeneric onlyPO500mg tablets.2-4g/day divided 3-6x/day.Antibiotic, SulfaClick to see
SulfasalazineAZULFIDINEPO500mg tablet.3 to 4g daily in q8h.Sulfa, DMARDClick to see
SC: 6mg/0.5mL injectable solution (Imitrex); 3, 4 or 6mg/0.5mL prefilled syringe.
PO: Max. of 200mg/day (start low doses q2hr).
SC: 6mg SC, may be repeated in 1hr. Max. 12mg qDay.
Antimigraine, TriptanClick to see
TacrolimusPROGRAF, ASTAGRAF XL, ECORIA, ENVARSUS XRPO, IVcapsule, immediate-release (Prograf, Hecoria, generics)
capsule, extended-release (Astagraf XL)
tablet, extended-release (Envarsus XR)
injectable solution
AD/PED: 0,1 to 0,2mg/kg/day (/ q12hr).ImmunosuppressantClick to see
TadalafilCIALIS, ADCIRCAPO2.5, 5, 10 or 20mg tablets (CIALIS); 20mg tablets (ADCIRCA)2.5 or 5mg once a day OR 10 to 20mg before sexual activity.Erectile dysfunction treatment, PDE5 inhibitorClick to see
TamoxifenSOLTAMOXPO10 or 20mg tablets; 10mg/5mL oral solution.20mg qDay or BID.Estrogen modulatorClick to see
TamsulosinFLOMAXPO0.4mg capsules.BPH: 0.4mg PO once daily (may be increased after 2-4 weeks).Antihypertensive, Alpha-1 blocker, BPH treatmentClick to see
------------Antibiotic, GlycopeptideNo
TelithromycinKETEKPO400mg tablets.800mg qDay.Antibiotic, MacrolideClick to see
TelmisartanMICARDISPO20, 40 or 80mg tablets.20-80mg qDay.Antihypertensive, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
TenecteplaseMETALYSEIV50mg powder for injection.Acute MI: <60kg = 30mg
60-69kg = 35mg
70-79kg = 40mg
80-89kg = 45mg
90kg or more = 50mg
FibrinolyticClick to see
Tenofovir (TDF)VEMLIDY (Tenofovir AF); VIREAD (Tenofovir DF)PO25mg tablets (Tenofovir AF); 150, 200, 250 r 300mg tablets; 40mg/g oral powder (Tenofovir DF).HIV: 300mg PO qDay (Tenofovir DF).
Hep. B: 300mg PO qDay (Tenofovir DF) or 25mg qDay (Tenofovir AF).
Nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
------------Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), AnalgesicNo
TerazosinHYTRINPO1, 2, 5 or 10mg capsule.BPH: 1mg PO qHS. May be increased slowly to up to 20mg/day.Antihypertensive, Alpha-1 blocker, BPH treatmentClick to see
TerbinafineLAMISILPO250mg tablets; 125 or 187.5mg oral granules packets.250mg/day (up to 6 weeks for onychomycosis).AntifungalClick to see
TerbutalineBRETHAIRE, BRETHINEPO, SC, IVPO: 2.5 or 5mg tablet.
IV: 1mg/mL.
Bronchospasm: 2.5 to 5mg PO q6 to 8h OR 0.25mg SC q15 to 30min (3 doses).
Preterm Labor: 2.5 to 5mcg/min IV. Increase gradually every 30 minutes (typical effective dose: 17.5 to 30mcg/min)
Tocolytic, Beta-2 agonistClick to see
TestosteroneAVEED, DEPO-TESTOSTERONE, DELATESTRYL, TESTOPELSC, IMIM: 100 or 200mg/mL cypionate injectable solution (Depo-Testosterone); 200mg/mL enanthate injectable solution (Delatestryl); 250mg/mL undecanoate injectable solution (Aveed).
SC: 75mg implant (Testopel); 12.5, 25, 37.5 or 50mg implant (generic).
Hypogonadism: 50-400mg IM (cypionate or enanthate) every 2-4 weeks OR 750mg IM undecanoate initial and after 4 weeks (and then q10Weeks) OR 150-450mg SC pellet every3-6months.HormoneClick to see
TetracyclineSUMYCIN, ACTISITE, ACHROMYCIN VPO250 or 500mg capsules/tablets; 125mg/5mL syrup,Infections: 500mg PO q6hr.
Acne: 250-500mg PO q12hr.
Antibiotic, TetracyclineClick to see
ThiocolchicosideNOT AVAILABLE IN US------------Muscle relaxant, GABA agonistNo
ThiopentalPENTOTHALIV250, 400 or 500mg or 1g or 5g vials.Induction: 3 to 5mg/kg.
Maintenance: 1mg/kg as needed or a continuous IV drip in a 0.2% to 0.4% concentration.
Seizures: 75 to 125mg.
Sedative, Hypnotic, BarbiturateClick to see
TicagrelorBRILINTAPO60 or 90mg tablets.ACS: Loading dose 180mg. Maintenance 90mg BID for the first 12 months and 60mg after.Platelet antiaggregantClick to see
Ticarcillin / ClavulanateTIMENTINIV(3g/100mg)/vial or (30g/1g)/bulk vial powder for reconstitution; (3g/100mg)/100mL ready to use IV solution.3g q4-6hr.Antibiotic, Beta-lactam, PenicilinClick to see
TigecylineTYGACILIV50mg vial.Start with 100mg IV THEN 50mg IV q12hr.Antibiotic, GlycylcyclineClick to see
TiotropiumSPIRIVA HANDIHALER, SPIRIVA RESPIMATIN18mcg capsule (HANDIHALER); 1.25 or 2.5mcg/actuation (RESPIMAT) solution for inhalation.2 puffs qDay.Muscarinic antagonistClick to see
Tiotropium / Olodaterol inhaledSTIOLTO RESPIMATIN(3.124mcg/2.736mcg)/actuation (equivalent to 2.5mcg/2.5mcg), oral inhaler.COPD: 2 actuations PO qDay.Muscarinic antagonist, Ultra-long-acting beta agonist (ultra-LABA)Click to see
Tipranavir (TPV)APTIVUSPO250mg capsules; 100mg/mL oral solution.HIV: 500mg PO q12hr (+ ritonavir 200mg q12hr)Protease inhibitor, AntiretroviralClick to see
TirofibanAGGRASTATIV5mg/100mL or 12.5mg/250ml (50mcg/mL) premixed IV solutionl; 5mg/100mL vial (50mcg/mL) or 3.75mg/15mL (250mcg/mL) IV solution vials.Non-ST ACS: Loading dose 25mcg/kg infused over 5 min THEN 0.15mcg/kg/min for up to 18hr.Gp IIb/IIIa inhibitorClick to see
TobramycinNEBCIN INJECTIONIV, IM10 or 40mg/mL injectable solution.3-6mg/kg/day divided q8hr OR 4-7mg/kg/dose qDay.Antibiotic, AminoglycosideClick to see
TolvaptanSAMSCAPO15 or 30mg tablets.Euvolemic or Hypervolemic Hyponatremia with clinical significance: 15mg PO qDay (Max. 60mg qDay).ADH antagonistClick to see
TopiramateTOPAMAX, TROKENDI XR, QUDEXY XRPO25, 50, 100 or 200mg tablets; 15 or 25mg capsules; 25, 50, 100, 150 or 200mg ER capsules.Seizures: 25-50mg PO q12hr (may increase slowly at weekly intervals to 200mg q12hr. AnticonvulsivantClick to see
TramadolULTRAM, ULTRAM ER, CONZIPPO50mg tablets; 10mg/mL suspension reconstituted; 100, 150, 200 or 300mg ER capsules.25-100mg q4-6hr (Max. 400mg/day).OpiateClick to see
Tranexamic AcidLYSTEDA (oral); CYKLOKAPRON (IV)POIV: 100mg/mL.
PO: 650mg tablets.
Dental Extraction in Patients w/ Hemophilia: 10mg/kg IV immediately before surgery. 25mg/kg PO q6-8hr 1 day presurgery and 2-8 days postsurgery.
Menorrhagia: 1300mg PO TID for up to 5 days.
AntifibrinolyticClick to see
TrastuzumabHERCEPTINIV400mg/vial powder for reconstitution.HER-2 breast cancer: 4mg/kg over 90 minutes THEN 2mg/kg over 30 minutes qWeek during chemo for first 12 weeks (pacli or docetaxel or 18 weeks (docetaxel/carboplatin).Immunobiologic, Antineoplastic, HER2/neu (erb2) receptor agonistClick to see
TrazodoneDESYREL, DESYREL DIVIDOSE, OLEPTRO, TRAZODONE DPO50, 100, 150 or 300mg tablets; 150 or 300mg ER tablets.150mg/day divided q8-12hr. May be increased in q3-7 days by 50mg/day (Max. 400mg/day).Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), Anxiolytic, HypnoticClick to see
Trimethoprim / SulfamethoxazoleBACTRIM, BACTRIM DS, SEPTRA, SEPTRA DS, COTRIM, SULFATRIM, CO-TRIMOXAZOLEIV, POPO: 80mg/400mg or 160mg/800mg tablets; (40mg/200mg)/5mL oral suspension.
IV: (16mg/80mg)/mL injectable solution.
10-20mg TMP/kg/day divided q6 (IV) or 12hr (PO).
PCP prophylaxis: 80mg or 160mg TMP qDay.
PCP Treatment: 15-20mg TMP/kg/day divided q6-8hr.
Antibiotic, SulfaClick to see
UstekinumabSTELARAIV, SC45mg/0.5mL or 90mg/mL prefilled syringe; 130mg/26mL single-dose vial.Psoriasis: <=100kg - 45mg SC, then another 45mg SC after 4 weeks and after that 45mg SC q12weeks.
>100kg - 90mg SC, then another 90mg SC after 4 weeks and after that 90mg SC q12weeks.
Crohn disease:
Initial dose (IV over 1h): <=55kg - 260mg; 55 to 85kg - 390mg; >85kg 520mg.
Maintenance: 90mg SC q8Weeks.
Monoclonal antibody against Interleukin 12 and Interleukin 23.Click to see
ValacyclovirVALTREXPO500mg or 1g tablets.Herpes simplex: 2g q12hr for 1 day.
Herpes zoster: 1g q8hr for 7 days.
AntiviralClick to see
Valproic AcidDEPAKENE (PO), STAVZOR (delayed-release capsule), DEPACON (IV)PO, IVPO: 250mg capsule, 250mg/5mL syrup; 125mg, 250mg or 500mg delayed-released capsules.
IV: 100mg/mL IV solution.
Complex Partial Seizures: 10-15mg/kg/day divided q12hr.
Bipolar mania: 750mg/day PO in divided doses.
AnticonvulsivantClick to see
ValsartanDIOVANPO40, 80, 160 or 320mg tablets.Hypertension: 80-320mg qDay.
CHF: 40mg q12hr, may be increased to Max. of 160mg q12hr.
Antihypertensive, Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)Click to see
VancomycinVANCOCINIV, IM, POIV/IM: 500mg, 750mg, 1, 5 or 10g powder for injection; 5mg/mL injectable solution.
PO: 125 or 250mg capsules.
IV: 500 mg IV q6hr or 1 g IV q12hr.
PO: For C. difficile - 125 mg PO q6hr for 10 days.
Antibiotic, GlycopeptideClick to see
VardenafilLEVITRA, STAXIN ODTPO2.5, 5, 10 or 20mg film coated tablets; 10mg orally disintegrating tablets.10mg 1hr before sexual activity.Erectile dysfunction treatment, PDE5 inhibitorClick to see
VareniclineCHANTIXPOChantix Starting Month Pak: 0.5 mg x 11 & 1 mg x 42 tablets
Chantix Continuing Month Pak: 1 mg tablets.
Days 1 to 3: 0.5 mg orally once a day.
Days 4 to 7: 0.5 mg orally twice a day.
Days 8 to end of treatment: 1 mg orally twice a day.
Nicotinic agonist, Smoking cessationClick to see
VecuroniumNORCURONIV10 or 20mg powder for injection.Load: 0.08-0.1mg/kg over 60 seconds. Maint: 0.01-0.015mg/kg IVP after 20-45 min.
Continuous infusion: 0.0008-0.0012mg/kg/min.
Non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockerClick to see
VenlafaxineEFFEXOR, EFFEXOR XRPO25, 37.5, 50, 75 or 100mg tablets; 37.5, 75, 150 or 225mg ER tablets; 37.5, 75 or 150mg ER capsules.75 to 375mg/day divided in q8-12hr. Start with low dose and increase slowly.Antidepressant Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)Click to see
VerapamilISOPTIN, ISOPTIN SR, CALAN, CALAN SR, COVERA HS, VERELAN, VERELAN PMPO, IV2.5mg/mL injectable solution; 40, 80 or 120mg tablets; 100, 120, 180, 200, 240, 300 or 360mg ER tablet/capsule.Angina: 80 to 120mg PO q8hr (immediate release).
Hypertension: 80mg q8hr or 80-320mg q12hr (immediate release).
Supraventricular Arrhythmias: 2.5-5mg IV over 2 minutes (may be repeated in 30 minutes).
Chronic Afib: 240-480mg/day (divided q8hr).
Antihypertensive, Antiarrhythmic, Non-dihydropyridine Calcium channel blockerClick to see
VildagliptinNOT AVAILABLE IN US (GALVUS)------------Oral hypoglycemic agent, DPP-4 inhibitorNo
VoriconazoleVFENDPO, IVPO: 50 or 200mg tablets.
IV: 200mg vial.
200 to 300mg q12h.AntifungalClick to see
WarfarinCOUMADIN, JANTOVENPO1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5 or 10mg tablets.Venous thrombosis: 2-5mg PO qDay for 2 days. Only initiate after initiating heparin (LMWH or unfractioned) for at least 1 day. Check INR after 2 days and adjust dose according to results (ideal INR between 2-3).AnticoagulantClick to see
ZafirlukastACCOLATEPO10 or 20mg tablet.AD: 20mg b.i.d.
PED: 10mg b.i.d.
Leukotriene antagonistClick to see
Zalcitabine (ddC)NOT AVAILABLE IN US
------------Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
ZanamivirRELENZAIN5mg powder.10mg b.i.d for 5 days.AntiviralClick to see
Zidovudine (AZT, ZDV)RETROVIR, ZDVPO, IV100mg capsule; 300mg tablet; 50mg/5mL syrup; 10mg/mL injectable solution.300mg PO q12hr or 200mg PO q8hrs.
Maternal Dosing to Prevent Fetal HIV: 100mg PO 5x/day until start of labor in combination with other ART agents.
During labor and delivery: 2mg/kg IV over 1hr then 1mg/kg/hr until umbilical cord clamping.
Nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), AntiretroviralClick to see
ZileutonZYFLO, ZYFLO FILMTAB, ZYFLO CRPO600mg tablet; 600mg ER tablet.600mg four times a day (or 1200mg BID for the ER tablet).Leukotriene synthesis inhibitorsClick to see
ZiprasidoneGEODONPO, IM20, 40, 60 or 80mg capsules; 20mg powder for injection.PO: 20 to 80mg q12hr.
IM: 10 to 40mg/day (divided doses).
Antipsychotic, AntidepressantClick to see
Zoledronic AcidZOMETA, RECLASTIV4mg/5mL; 5mg/100mLOsteoporosis: 5mg once a year (treatment) or every 2 years (prevention).
Hypercalcemia of Malignancy: 4mg IV once, may be repeated in 7 days.
Bone metastases from solid tumors: 4mg IV every 3-4 weeks.
BisphosphonateClick to see
ZolpidemAMBIENPO5 or 10mg tablets.5 to 10mg before bedtime.HypnoticClick to see

Details & Abbreviations:
PO: By mouth
IV: Intravenous
IM: Intramuscular
SC: Subcutaneous
IN: Inhalatory
NEB: Nebulization
TD: Transdermal
PR: By rectum
Dosage forms:
ER tablets/capsules: Extended release dosage form.
Prescription information:
qHS (quaque hora somni): Every night.
OD (omne in die / oculus dexter): Once a day / right eye.
BID (bis in die): Two times a day.
TID (ter in die): Three times a day.
QDS (quater die sumendus): Four times a day.
PRN (pro re nata): As needed.